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Parent: What are you reading?

  1. #609232013-07-14 21:52:57AlphaHikari_1A14 said:

    Over the summer, I've been reading the Infernal Devices and Mortal Instruments series. Right now, I'm on book two of Mortal Instruments, City of Ashes. I love how the male lead characters are always cocky, sarcastic, and conceited because they are handsome. The female leads always start off each series and are drawn into a world they had no idea existed right in front of them. The books are full of love triangles and twisted plots. The fights are interesting too.

    My favorite author has to be Cassandra Clare. She wrote the Infernal Devices and Mortal Instrument series plus another series focused around a warlock, Magnus Bane, that makes appearances in both prior series. Also, the quotes she includes in her books were another perk for me when I decided to purchase her books.