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  1. #609492013-07-15 07:25:39Gwynn said:

    Dear [not on this site] I just can’t escape the rage that has built over the years, although we don’t talk, I still fucking hate you. Every time things are going wrong it’s because of the damage you did, and every time it’s going right it’s because I’m angry about being damaged. Your actions have never matched your words, you’re fucking liars, that’s exactly why I never want to talk to you again. I’d give you a big ultimatum, I’d cry and yell, but I don’t want to give you closure. I’ll never have closure, so why should you? Let’s both be a bitter question of “why?” to each other until one of us dies. This might be cruel, hell I’ve already been accused, but if your God makes things right then this was the only fair course of action. After all, didn’t you parrot to me all those years that “Life isn’t fair”? Here I am, equalizing the pain, I hope I haunt you forever, I know you’ll be doing it to me for years to come. [name redacted]