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  1. What are your favorite Indie-Games?

    #610362013-07-16 19:32:22 *--Jack-- said:
    This has become more of a "What Indie Games are you Currently Playing?" thread

    Indie Games

    ...Are made by gamers and are usually not popular except through links to other users, viral videos, and sites like Unity. Being completely unfunded by popular gaming industries, Indie-Games are often very abstract and help pave the way for gamer interest developing with the times. Some Indie-Games, however, aren't original but are remade with original qualities.

    Here are some Indie-Games already posted on CL:

    Strike Suit Zero

    Shovel Knight

    They aren't original, but they are new ways to enjoy games.

    Examples of Remake Indie-Games:

    Mari0. SMB mixed with "Portal" by Valve.

    Pokemon 3D. A 3D Remake of Gold/Silver Version.

    By the way the guy in the video has no idea what a mod is. It's a game not a mod for anything.

    Zelda II 3D. A 3D remake of what can safely be said is the worst Zelda game ever spawned.

    It still has playability for the odd 3D change.

    So, what are your favorite Indie-Games?

    • Description of the game?

    • Availability? (Where to get it or read more)

    • Videos?

  2. #610372013-07-16 19:32:53 *--Jack-- said:

    My Interest ATM is the 3D Pokemon game above and this: FRACT

    This game is a splendid thing for TRON fans, Techno Music fans, and DaftPunk Love. Find more here

    EDIT: FRACT is available here. CNET's direct download.

    This game has no save function yet!

    EDIT 2:

  3. #610652013-07-17 06:58:10Kirn said:

    Good thread, though I fear that most people won't post here... but anyways. I have to say, that it's really hard to pick a favorite indie game, cause those games can be of totally different genres, for example. What I do love in those games is that being free from publishers, developers can really experiment with things or do whatever they want.

    Also, I just have to mention the "They Bleed Pixels" game.

    Pure platformer, which was one of the hardest game I played. Ever. Nice story, good graphics, dynamic action and guaranteed heart attack if you even think about trying to get all the achievements )

  4. #610912013-07-17 23:23:29 *--Jack-- said:

    Imscared - A Pixelated Nightmare

    It's free for download by the creator here.

    • This game is reminiscent of Wolfenstein 3D, which was made with a RayCaster program to render 3D graphics back when 3D was the Holy Grail of Game Developers. This game is very similar in the fact that it has the same rendering style (if not, something very close), and a cheesy horror theme that is surprisingly enjoyable. Not a scary game if you play current games out there, but good for someone to play with their friends watching (like Slender). Whether it scares you or is just an entity to you, that face in the window will be hard to forget after you play.

    • As some reviews suggest, the scariest thing in the game is most likely the sound effects. But that's speaking to gamers who play very sadistic games when compared to......Luigi's Mansion? That and the ghost-ish face seen in the picture above are the only creepy aspects other than the darkness. The game has a very low render distance to help give a "darkness" effect. This time you don't have a flashlight :D


    Move -- W,S,A,D keys

    Crouch -- Ctrl

    Interact/Pick-up -- E key

    Shift -- Sprint

    "I need a Heart in order to open it"

  5. #611002013-07-18 03:45:36--Jack-- said:

    Left 4 Dead (Demade for NES Quality)

    • This very fun top-down shooter is a demake of Left 4 Dead. It's a standalone game without online requirements. You can choose between the 4 classic characters from the first game.

    Find out more here.

  6. #616762013-07-25 20:59:11jkripper123 said:

    Epic Battle Fantasy Series I dont play too many Indie games but this one is always pretty fun to play. pic from epic battle fantasy 4

  7. #616902013-07-26 03:20:25DarkChaplain said:

    Recettear obviously counts. Carpe Fulgur is localizing and publishing them in the west, they're an indie studio, and they're picking up doujin games. There are no big publishers involved for Carpe Fulgur's releases, and they're doing the work as a very small team. I can't wait for their next announcement, which they keep teasing but can't give away for various reasons just yet.

  8. #616952013-07-26 10:32:17hellstorm901 said:
    In that case.

    Recettear: An Item's Shop Tale.

    This is really groundbreaking in concept. You create a stereotypical JRPG universe then rather than playing as the Hero you instead play as the person who runs an item store which sells goods to the people who go on the adventures. Or just mothers and little kids wanting overpriced weapons (P.S. Don't sell to the kid. She's a whiny bitch with no money)
    In order to get your items which you're going to see you can either just buy things for low prices off whole sellers or alternatively and more fun you can hire an adventurer and go dungeon crawling for items and materials to make more expensive goods.

    Alongside all this we have an adorable protagonist and her "Not loan shark" fairy.

  9. #617592013-07-28 03:31:43PigBoss said:

    I will talk about my favorite indie game.

    You see this astronaut? Her name is Hannah.

    As you can see, her spaceship doesn't have juice.

    Whao. Look at her go! So brave!

    She travels far and wide into the planet. What will she find?

    Oh! She found an energy cell!

    However, she needs more. Into the unknown she ventures. What she will find and experience is up to you!

    • REDDER or redder (not Redder) is a single player puzzle platformer. The main character Hannah ventures into the strange world where she is stranded, collecting energy cells for her ship. I don't want to give away the ending; play the game to find out what happens!

    • The music is nice :3

  10. #626042013-08-14 03:21:10lolikitsune said:
    Since flash games are apparently on the table, here's a gem I enjoyed greatly upon discovery: Fear less! It's super short, but the simple gameplay and awesome soundtrack seduced me.
  11. #690692014-01-25 12:07:44 *Ecstasy said:

    World of Goo

    Physics-based puzzle video game by 2D Boy, an independent game developer consisting of Kyle Gabler and Ron Carmel, both former Electronic Arts employees (good thing they left EA, that place sucks), released on October 13, 2008.
    Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, Android, BlackBerry 10 and WiiWare.
    It was nominated for the Seumas McNally grand prize, Design Innovation Award, and Technical Excellence at the Independent Games Festival, and has gone on to win several other gaming awards since its release.

    Machinarium (warning here - the link plays music)

    Puzzle point-and-click adventure game developed by Amanita Design. It was released on October 16, 2009.
    Platforms: Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, PlayStation 3 (PSN), PlayStation Vita, iPad 2, BlackBerry PlayBook and Android.
    In 2008, it won the Aesthetics award at IndieCade (the International Festival of Independent Games). It won the Excellence in Visual Art award at the 12th Annual Independent Games Festival and the Best Soundtrack award from PC Gamer in 2009. It was nominated for an Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction award by the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences and a Milthon award in the 'Best Indie Game' category at the Paris Game Festival.

  12. #691292014-01-26 04:45:57--Jack-- said:

    I actually played World of Goo before, and it was a pretty fun game. I loved the Jhonen Vasquez type of story elements and art style. Also the mechanics were simple but entertaining.

    -Sincerely, The Sign painter

  13. #694212014-01-31 05:24:23arnaK said:

    You gotta play the Stanley Parable!! I looooove the narrator. The whole game is absolute mind-fuckery and pure gold!! Here are two of the trailers:

  14. #716832014-03-22 02:53:24--Jack-- said:

    I've been playing another indie game that I'd hinted to users about on chat.

    I wouldn't post about this if it was rubbish


    This indie game is a first person puzzle game, much like Portal. There are 9 stages that you must progress through, each adding an additional obstacle to the goal. The main tool you can use to navigate the game is gravity. Yellow panels on the walls, floors, and ceilings can change the pull of gravity when shot by your grav-gun.

    You can Download Inverto here, from GameJolt

    File size: Roughly 93 MB

    This game has also been Greenlit on Steam. Here