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What are your favorite Indie-Games?

  1. #750042014-05-06 23:17:03 *--Jack-- said:


    It's just as awesome as you're probably thinking: "Er..maybe I guess?" CORRECT!

    It's a 3D SideScroller, so it's not quite 3D. It has very retro, pixelated graphics, and is very short, as most indie games are. About 10 - 15 minutes of gameplay to get to the first (probably the only) boss. And I'm being generous with 10 - 15 minutes. All in all: 6/10

    Check it out! on GameJolt!

  2. #984982016-01-31 16:07:33 *Kiboune said:

    Transistor I absolutely love gameplay in this game! And design! Story is,..meh.. But still my favorite indie-game

  3. #1013062016-04-14 19:33:25 *123-456-7890 said:

    Not exactly an indie game but a game in its making. You Complete Me is a puzzle game where the player stacks snow balls to make a snow man.

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    Here's the website: (take away the %20 if that appears in the url for you)

    and here's the alpha test game if you want to download it!alpha/mv5xa

    Please do the feedback survey, I'm sure they'll appreciate it.