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Parent: What are you reading?

  1. #611132013-07-18 12:26:58johan_5179 said:

    Done with this.

    The first 200 pages were nothing, since the real tale unfolds in the last 350 pages of the book. I am left with rather conflicting feelings for Speer, because while I can see that he did all that he could for the people who had placed their trust in the government (such as opposing Hitler's scorched earth policy ), he did so more out of his horror for destruction than out of any moral considerations he might have had. To be fair though, Speer himself acknowledges that it was the technician inside of him that motivated him to oppose Hitler directly and through trickery. And he also says that he only understood his feelings when he finally found some time for himself, free from his duties. Unfortunately for him, he only got that time in prison.

    Reading this, I did feel a huge sense of waste. Because had Speer been born in another era, he could have become one hell of a man for all the talent he displayed, which in his time only led to the prolonging of the war by many months.

    For all my doubts, and all my confusions, this is a highly recommended book.

    And now I have to find another book for myself... maybe pyramids this time.