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Parent: What are you reading?

  1. #611152013-07-18 12:45:22 *Kirn said:

    Red "The Thirty-Nine Steps" yesterday.


    The novel is set during May and June 1914; Europe is close to war and spies are everywhere. Richard Hannay has just returned to London from Rhodesia in order to begin a new life, when a freelance spy called Franklin P. Scudder calls on him to ask for help. Scudder reveals to Hannay that he has uncovered a German plot to murder the Greek Premier and steal British plans for the outbreak of war. Scudder claims to be following a ring of German spies called the Black Stone.
    A few days later, Hannay returns to his flat to find Scudder murdered. If Hannay goes to the police, he will be arrested for Scudder’s murder. Hannay decides to continue Scudder’s work and his adventure begins. He escapes from the German spies watching the house and makes his way to Scotland, pursued both by the spies and by the police.
    The mysterious phrase Thirty-Nine Steps first mentioned by Scudder becomes the title of the novel and the solution to its meaning is a thread that runs through the whole story.

    This is pretty much a spy novel, but very old one. Plot is pretty simple, there is some action, but not as much as you would expect. The thing was written in 1915. However, despite being quite simple, the book is entertaining and allows you to pass some time. Also, there are people from Scotland there and they talk damn funny )