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  1. Google Chrome Speed Dial

    #612112013-07-20 20:19:37TeruShinozaki said:

    So I was having this conversation with @Jacek today, where we were sharing with each other the contents of our Google Chrome speed dials. And I'm amused at how much 8 websites can tell about a person, so I'd like to know which sites are on yours! And no cheating, motherfuckers.

    Here's mine: CL, imgur, Youtube, MS Paint Adventures, Danbooru, Gelbooru, Bishibooru and Zerochan.

    Now you all know how much of a sexually depraved pervert I am, and how much I like getting off to 2D porn. Now your turn.

  2. #612342013-07-21 05:56:33Decae said:

    CL, Youtube, Kongregate, anime-sub, xkcd, Tumblr, Wikipedia, python documentation.

    Nothing real special here.

  3. #612372013-07-21 07:36:50PigBoss said:

    CL, wikipedia, youtube, chanarchives/overchan, newsmap, weather, mail.google, images.google, imgur, topdocumentaryfilms, gutenburg, FAFSA, and just recently muessentials.

  4. #612392013-07-21 07:47:39Kirn said:

    You know, I think I have something like that on me FireFox... but I keep it deliberately turned off. And, in any case, while I got many bookmarks in many folders (just counted them all - got 238 links in 19 folders), most of the site addresses I still type in myself.

    PS. Oh, I DO have something like that there on me FireFox. Nine items total, and right now I got there my mail site, Gamespot, Piratebay (says a lot), CL, site of my MMO guild (no way I am giving you bastards the link), Steam, forum DnD site, another forum DnD site (again, you aren't getting the names) and Youtube.

  5. #612552013-07-21 19:31:03Momimochi said:

    It's that time of the year that I gotta check my hotmail all the time for shipping and convention shits, :V

    Gmail strictly for school-related things.

  6. #612592013-07-21 19:48:06Mau said:
    Tumblr, CL, Gmail, Youtube, My Bank's website, Amazon, Yahoo!Mail, Nyaa torrents, various artists websites
  7. #612702013-07-21 22:06:12momo said:
    • Twitter
    • Gmail
    • BakaBT
    • TokyoTosho
    • Nyaa
    • Wells Fargo
    • Facebook
    • Fakku

    I speak with people, then watch anime, catch up on IRL money and people, then jerk it.

    Rinse and repeat.

  8. #613012013-07-22 10:31:16johan_5179 said:

    BakaBT has the best downloads. ALL them soundtracks in top quality <3 (and since they don't do licensed anime, I think its all legal as well)

  9. #612732013-07-21 22:11:51hellstorm901 said:
    My Google Chrome consists of nothing because I still use IE9.

    But...If I did use Chrome more I'd probably just fill it up with links to YouTube, Anime and Rika Furude. You know. Life essential things.