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  1. The CL User Guide: Learning Your Way Around CL

    #612622013-07-21 21:16:12 *Cenica said:

    1.First things first. Read through the FAQ and check out the README threads.

    The FAQ thread gives some information on how to use different tools on the site and will help prevent you from becoming an idiot. (Seriously don't ask people any questions until after you've read through the FAQ.) The FAQ is also accessible via the link at the top of the CL webpage.
    The ReadMe threads are useful as there you will find indexes, current events, and popular threads.

    2. Equip your parson with a gravatar.

    Your gravatar is your most precious and reliable tool for giving yourself some individuality. Choose wisely, as this will become the symbol of your CL self (subject to change at any time).
    Also note: Signing up for gravatar and wordpress will not give you herpes or shrink your genitalia. (After verifying your email address you shouldn't have to worry about getting any junk mail from either.)

    3. Know your settings.

    You can also get to this by clicking "Settings" in the top right corner of your screen.
    In your settings there are several things you can take care of.
    - You can change your email address.
    - You can change the color of your chat bubble. (I realize it's kind of hard to see the color in that small square but if you click on your username in the top right by the "Settings" button it will take you to your profile page where you can see the color surrounding your gravatar picture. You can also check what your profile looks like on this page of course.)
    - You can adjust site options.
    - And you can edit your profile.

    4. Introduce yourself and visit chat to say, "Hello."

    The majority of people in chat are not out to steal your soul. (No guarantees there...) Also don't freak out because your super secret superhero identity will not be revealed by visiting chat. (Which is quickly accessible via clicking the chat button at the top of the CL webpage.)
    If you have any questions about things you haven't understood in the FAQ or that weren't there to begin with chat would be the place to go to ask about it. (You may get called an idiot but usually there's someone who will answer your question.)

    - How to Use Chat:

    Chat is pretty self explanatory but there are a few things we get questions on sometimes.

    When you want to catch a certain user's attention you may want to ping them. To do this you insert their full username in your post. Pinging a user will highlight a post and make a loud noise to catch said users attention. http://thecolorless.net/uploads/27351/HP_original.png NSFW
    When posting a link or a message that may be considered inappropriate insert a "/nsfw" (don't include the quotations of course...) in front of it. This will keep people from clicking on something that might cause them to get into a bad situation if they're not in the right place at the time.
    Ex: If I type in "/nsfw Bunnies are born when rainbows hump clouds." I will get a post that looks like this:
    http://i1178.photobucket.com/albums/x364/Owlsoul/Ex2_zpse0d50c66.png Also, if you do not have the "Show NSFW material." box checked in your "settings" posts like this will not show up for you.

    Inserting "/me" before a post will give you an emote. Ex: If I say, "/me decided she was going to go swimming with her rubber ducky." I would get a post that looked like so:

    Posting in Threads

    When talking to a specific person in a post be sure to tag them by clicking the "Quick @reply" button at the bottom of their post or by typing in their full username. This will send them a message letting them know someone has responded to them.
    How to make a subpost...

    You can also find more about formatting your post HERE.


    ...until you have used the search bar on the right hand side of your screen to see if the thread you'd like to create already exists in some form.

    To search for a particular thread click the "Search titles" button under the search bar. "@title" will appear in your search. Type in the thread topic you are looking for after "@title." This will bring up a series of threads related to the topic you are searching for.
    http://thecolorless.net/uploads/27351/HS_original.png To search for a particular post click the "Search content" button under the search bar. "@content" will appear in the search. Type in the topic you are searching for after "@content." A list of post with similar topics will appear.

    If indeed no such thread exists consider these pointers when making a thread.
    - Use a clear title. (So that user's understand what your thread's about.)
    - Tag your thread. (Seperate tags with commas. Tags help users search old threads via that search bar we were talking about. ^_^)
    - Clearly explain what the thread you've made is going to be about and add any information or links that other users may need in order to understand the topic.
    - If your thread is going to contain material that's not safe for work than please check the box indicating so when creating the thread.

    To Include a poll in your thread:
    First click the "New poll" button on the right hand side of the screen. http://i1178.photobucket.com/albums/x364/Owlsoul/Poll_zps3c726943.png After clicking this button you will be taken to a page that looks like this: http://i1178.photobucket.com/albums/x364/Owlsoul/Poll2_zps0facc8ea.png Enter your question and answer choices. There is an "+ Add Answer" button at the bottom of the poll creation box so you can add more than one answer choice by clicking it. When you are finished creating your poll, click the "Publish Poll" button.
    After doing so your new poll will receive a poll ID #. (EX: #255) Now to insert your poll in a thread you simply enter the ID number in the "Poll ID:" box in thread creation.

    You have now completed your quick intro to CL life. Please take care when exiting and Welcome to CL!

  2. #612652013-07-21 21:51:36 *judar said:

    (Just a little note that the 'Gravatar' link actually links to the 'Webtoons and Korean Manhwa' thread and you missed a word in the title!)

  3. #612832013-07-22 03:04:59n1xx said:

    This thread is a very good initiative, @Cenica. I'm positive that it will help improve the website's experience for many new users. ;>

  4. #612852013-07-22 04:35:01Kirn said:

    Cute thread, but it is, sadly, useless. we already had ourselves some threads with guides and posting guidelines and advices on how not to get raped in the chat... Those threads are safely down in archives, forgotten by all.

    An in any case, the FAQ, for example, is right there on top of the page. Gravatar and Markdown instructions are right there, stickied on top of the damned forum. If someone wouldn't read that first thing after signing up, they sure as hell won't read this thread that tells them to go and read all that.

  5. #613032013-07-22 12:32:41Cenica said:

    Yeah I was thinking about that. And giving some chat guidelines.

    Also Kirn I realize there are links for those things but apprently new users aren't seeing them as we keep getting junk threads posted by people their first day, who also never show up again.

  6. #612892013-07-22 07:03:42 *--Jack-- said:

    Simple To-Do list for new members:


    • Handle the gravatar situation. To get a Profile Picture: CL Email and Gravatar Email must be the same, pic must be rated G. Wait for the change, have patience.

    Need more details for gravatar? Really?

    1. Go to Gravatar's Website

    2. Make an account there with the same email as your CL account.

    3. Choose a picture, crop it down to the picture you want, then set it's rating to G-rated.

    If it's not set as G rated it probably won't work.

    • Learn MarkDown and/or BBCode. This will help your comments/threads look legitimate in the future.

    • Search the threads before threading. That search bar is there for a reason, don't post a thread that has already been posted. At least link to it or remake it better if you MUST.

    • Don't Post for the sake of posting. Even I did this at first. Don't post on a thread so you will be seen in forums. It's obvious to everyone. Also the post must at least add something creative, constructive, or be useful. A bad post is much worse than not posting at all.

    • Know your place. Like it or not, you will be new until you've literally been on CL for "a while". Newbies (Commonly known as Newfags) are spotted by being idiots that don't back up their opinions with facts, are unable to use gravatar but try to participate as if they had an avatar, avoid reading faqs and ask how to do things without having read any source of help. There is a class system on CL. You need to earn the right to be a dick before you can do so without getting a lot of negative results thrown at you.

    • Don't take insults that seriously. You've been to the internet before, right?

    • Preview your damn post. Check that the markdown/bbcode is working by previewing your comment or thread. The same goes for spelling and grammar. Wanna look like a dumbass or not?

    You can clearly and easily go to the FAQs and learn about the user abilities in great depth, but this is a quick list of objectives in order to even be taken seriously on CL.

  7. #623602013-08-09 09:53:48Deftones said:

    When I joined, we just talked. There were no stupid rules and unwritten rules of how to act, people were friendly. But ego grew and corrupted many users into thinking we needed rules of how to act, the friendly people left and we're left with crappy assholes and rules.

    Fuck you guys.

  8. #623722013-08-09 18:03:38Kirn said:

    the friendly people left and we're left with crappy assholes and rules

    Nope. It's just we only have the hardest and baddest assholes left.

  9. #710272014-03-07 09:40:57johan_5179 said:

    Its like i closed my pc on a happy blooming garden of a community and suddenly a gaggle of hens took over & the whole place was trashed.

  10. #714662014-03-18 04:17:28DarkChaplain said:


    Talking to Warlock about wanting a static guide page similar to rules and FAQ. New signups get redirected to the rules page, which is kinda weird since they can't even find the guide most of the time among the sticky threads. So I thought I'd do some browser magic to present an example Guide page.

    I think compiling a nice and accessible page for new users which is the first thing they'd see after signing up would be extremely helpful, especially considering the upcoming DRRRfaggotry

  11. #866862015-01-24 23:27:34 *Mau said:

    This isn't the place for this, this thread is only a resource for new users to learn from and get started.

    If you want to make your introductions This is the place to do it.

    You can also pop in on the sites chat , after you get through with reading this guide, and making your intros on the thread of course.

    So please, give this guide another read through, and if you still have any questions feel free to ask me or other moderators through private message.