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  1. UK National Internet Filter

    #613022013-07-22 12:27:40 *Trev said:

    Every household in Britain connected to the internet will be obliged to declare whether they want to maintain access to online pornography, David Cameron will announce on Monday.

    In the most dramatic step by the government to crack down on the "corroding" influence of pornography on childhood, the prime minister will say that all internet users will be contacted by their service providers and given an "unavoidable choice" on whether to use filters.

    The changes will be introduced by the end of next year. As a first step, customers who set up new broadband accounts or switch providers would have to actively disable the filters by the end of this year.

    TL;DR: Britain begins censoring national Internet traffic by the end of the year.

  2. #613092013-07-22 14:26:22hellstorm901 said:

    I can instantly see an abuse of this new system.

    What happens when Britain versions of Jack Thompsons decide to use it to have Video Games, Animes and TV shows blocked under "Pornographic content."

    Also Porn corrupts childhood? No the social underclass (Jeremy Kyle guests) who don't bother working. Go out and get drunk on taxpayer expenses whilst telling children how great it is to be a benefits moocher corrupt children. not porn. Maybe the schools should also take a little responsibility in this matter because since pissed of Catholics had sexual education in schools overhauled to the point you don't even learn anything other than "God hates contraception" we've seen more underage pregnancies than ever before.

  3. #613102013-07-22 14:48:04hellstorm901 said:

    I just checked the PM facebook page. (Yeah I'm a Conservative deal with it) and there really is a shitload of opposition to these new rules. And by shitload I mean from people you wouldn't even expect to be opposed.

  4. #613112013-07-22 15:07:42Chestnut_Rice said:

    • The possession of "extreme pornography", which includes scenes of simulated rape, is to be outlawed.

    Fine. Rape culture is terrible, won't get in to it here.

    • The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) is to draw up a blacklist of "abhorrent" internet search terms to identify and prevent paedophiles searching for illegal material.

    What the fuck. Ok this I don't really get. Why would you do that. What if some one just wants to search up the specifics of laws about this on wikipedia or some thing? IDGI.

    • All police forces will work with a single secure database of illegal images of children to help "close the net on paedophiles".

    Ok?... Sure.

    Ok while all the new regulations are good ideas in theory, I'm kind of worried that it'll lead to a sort of reverse slippery slope. Instead of giving people the choice of blocking porn, the government will simply choose to forbid service providers from allowing access to pornographic sites. Also, this is quite bothersome for imageboards, which have both SFW and NSFW sections. How are they going to tell the difference? Another example of a well-meaning government trying to regulate some thing that it doesn't understand at all.

  5. #613132013-07-22 15:22:26hellstorm901 said:

    The whole thing is too vague and is going to be abused by those with ulterior motives such as censoring and banning fictional media. I can see Jack Thompson wannabees eagerly awaiting a new game title they can demand banned under these laws.

    Banning things for buzz words is also shooting yourself in the foot as it means even legitimate sites get hit by the rolling roadblock. If you ban anything with the word "Rape" in it surely that means Rape support websites get banned too right even the description of something mentioning Rape would be banned. And as you rightly pointed out wouldn't this end up destroying websites like Wikipedia which often have links off from articles to things which under laws would be blocked?

    And the final point you showed. Contrary to belief the Police do have a single secure database. In fact Cumbria Constabulary have about 3 that can be accessed by other Police forces. And don't even get me started about how many databases Scotland Yard, Europol and Interpol will have. So that point is essentially just a reconfirming of what is already being done just to appease stupid moral guardians that something is being done. This is just another stupid statement of something already being done to sound like something is being done. Like the recent creation of the "Army Reserve" which is just the Territorial Army by a new name to sound like the government is doing something to help the military.

  6. #613172013-07-22 16:49:45Kirn said:

    Somehow it seems to me that the people who would push for something like that are the ones who have no idea how the system (internet in this case) works at all. Well, good luck to them.

    Also, yes, happy to live in an undeveloped country where government pretty much have no idea that they can fuck with the internet in any way.

  7. #613192013-07-22 17:09:49hellstorm901 said:

    My suggestion to fight this was for Loki to attack David Camerons facebook page with borderline NSFW Loli images then when shouted at casually remind people that as he's not a UK citizen he's not bound by UK laws regarding such things on the internet.

  8. #613342013-07-22 22:37:24Taro_Tanako said:

    This is bullshit! Cameron is a massive hypocrite as in an interview about this crackdown on online porn-blah-blah-blah he was directly questioned about banning the Sun newspapers page 3 (for those not familiar this is a topless porn page in a major UK daily newspaper owned by Rupert Murdoch). He flat out refused to take any steps despite it being drawn to his attention that children have pretty no problem accessing it. He just said that it was up to consumers what they do.

  9. #613372013-07-23 00:50:11Decae said:

    Resistance is futile.

    No, but seriously, governments across many nations have realised (or at least are starting to realise) that the next step of power is controlling the internet. They really don't give a damn what their citizens think, since if they just gradually add restrictions here or there in the name of security, most people will gradually accept them as well. Learn how to bypass internet censorship or move to Ukraine or something.

  10. #615752013-07-24 16:52:36hellstorm901 said:
    The new laws are now in effect

    All internet account holders are being contacted by their providers about safe filters these filters are vague and can most likely not only block your access to "Adult" content but will actually block your access to anything remotely violent also the system being used to block content is being spread like a virus meaning anything that connects to your internet router will then download the software and be locked preventing it from access "Adult" content without the accounts permission this also includes Gaming consoles. Furthermore the system works on blocking websites by content and nothing else meaning any website reported by moral guardians for anything petty will be blocked. The owner of any site on the list incorrectly must then contact relevant internet service providers and actually justify why they shouldn't be on the list.
  11. #615762013-07-24 17:01:47Kirn said:

    Lol... you know, I heard about some sites being blocked in Russia... but I believe they did that manually and on case-by-case basis. But this... this is a true British efficiency. Neat.

    Only one thing left for people to do now.

  12. #615782013-07-24 17:11:04hellstorm901 said:

    @Kirn The policy in our country was just that. Case by case basis and to be honest Scotland Yard and the Child protection agency were getting it right. Pedophiles were going to prison and content featuring rape was getting removed unless it could be justified (Under the arts for example scenes in movies) but in doing this they've just pissed on all the good work the Police and agency staff were doing. To make matters worse they've actually took away 10% of the protection agencies funding immediately after putting this law into effect which is really a headscratcher as such a badly organised system like this will never even remotely work without a good human labour force behind it to make sure it doesn't screw up and do things it's not supposed to.

    It's kinda like giving the military to Skynet without bothering to have someone watch the computer to make sure it doesn't suddenly say "Destroy all Humans." Wait bad example. Our countries defense agency is in fact called Skynet and we did do that.

    Know what? Making things automatic when doing so is the worst idea humanly possible really does seem a very British thing.

  13. #617892013-07-29 13:58:01hellstorm901 said:
    Update. It gets better folks

    Porn filter praised by Cameron run by Huawei

    The BBC has reported that a porn filtering system praised this week by David Cameron is controlled by the Chinese firm Huawei.

    Yes you heard it. The "Porn filter" being implemented as standard in the UK is in fact run and owned by the Chinese. The Chinese company which is more than likely currently running the "Great Internet Wall of China" which is condemned worldwide by freedom activists and is also the company which is currently under investigation under the espionage act on claims that the Chinese government is using Huawei routers to spy on foreign web users.

    So not only can anything the government wants blocked be blocked under the new system but anything the Chinese don't want us to see on the internet can be blocked too. Well I think it's safe to say the UK web will no longer feature any mention of Tibet.