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  1. Inuyasha: The Adventures of Rosa Chapter 1

    #613392013-07-23 02:00:23 *Kenpachi54 said:

    This is a fan fiction I made with my own characters in Inuyasha. Rosa is usually my main character and Melody is the secondary character, Tabatha is there sometimes and you rarely see crystal. Anyway, I also posted my fan fiction on WordPress, DeviantART, and soon on (I had 27 chapters but my tablet acted crazy but I found a email I sent to myself with 24 chapters freeze frame jump) Anyway, here is chapter 1, tell me what you think :3

    Chapter 1: The Portal Rosa sat up in her bed. She raked her hands through her midnight blue hair that was just above her ankle. She looked to her side and saw that her sister Melody had slept in her room, once again. Rosa looked at the alarm clock and then back at her sister. Melody was never a morning person but it was 11:45a.m., which was almost the afternoon. She then looked on her stand and saw a paper, Melody had put something on it, all it said was “Um…” Rosa expected much. She knows Melody is a light speaker with a voice you can’t hear even up close. She’s shy, even on paper. Rosa got dressed in her old school uniform. It was a red shirt dress with puffed sleeves, a blue handkerchief, white socks and black shoes. Even though she didn’t need it, she still kept it because it was cute. An exotic smell made its way though Rosa vent and she followed it down the steps and into the kitchen. She often got lost in her huge mansion because they had just moved there yesterday but the smell led her right to the kitchen. “Oh? Your awake?” said Tabatha, the maid, in astonishment. “That’s Melody,” Rosa replied sounding a annoyed voice, “she usually gets up a 2:00p.m.” “I thought she was at school. Don’t tell me you gave her a day off again.” “Why not” “Because, she’s 14 and she still needs an education.” “But I’m 15 and I don’t go to school.”
    “Because you graduated college…” “Bitch…” Rosa said under her breath, she didn’t really mean it though. Just then, Melody came downstairs with her blond hair, that reached down to her shoulders, all messed up and her green eyes half closed and half open. As she walked two the her cat slippers did a low soft meow and she got shocked by the chair because of the wool. “G-good morning. yawn.” Melody said sleepily. This surprised Rosa and Tabatha because it wasn’t 2:00p.m. “Well,” said Rosa, “I’m going to take some of these boxes to the shed. When are the guys coming to help us unpack?” “Tomorrow.” Tabatha replied. Rosa walked outside with some boxes and went over to the shed. As she walked through the shed, she took her book bag and sword, both the stuff she got for her 14th birthday. She continued on and tripped over a crack in the floor and dropped the boxes in front of a door she didn’t know that was there. It was opened so she walked in. There were symbols on the wall and a circle on the ground. When Rosa went to checkout the symbol on the wall, she decided to cut through the circle, which was probably a bad idea because, once in the middle, the wall symbol started to glow and Rosa got sucked in.