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  1. Real pain from dreaming

    #613612013-07-23 12:59:47 *hellstorm901 said:
    This is rather a strange topic that I've personally experienced and also used as a plot point when writing my own fiction however I have decided to create a thread on the matter itself.

    When we dream sometimes a dream can feel as though it is real and as a direct result sometimes pain experienced in the dream may for a moment feel real when you wake up. For example as one person who experience this said. They had a dream/nightmare that they were bit by a spider on their arm. When the person woke up the following day they felt as though the pain was real and they had been bitten by a spider but upon examining the area there was nothing there.

    Now we've all likely seen some fictional work which uses something similar to this as a plot point also. Freddy Kruger comes to mind in this regard but that's the more absurd end of the spectrum. But it then does raise an interesting question. Is it possible for a person to in fact die from imagining the pain of a dream being real. We know that people can suffer heart attacks from a variety of things including shock so do you believe that it is possible to die in or as a result of dreaming?

    What are your thoughts on this? If it has happened to you then share your experiences.
  2. #613652013-07-23 14:08:04 *Cloud-VK said:

    I say yes because in the other thread I mentioned I'm a lucid dreamer and I also believe that sleep is meditation and when you dream you go into the deepest part of that meditation and enter yourself. Plus I know this is real because I've removed teeth in my sleep, and worse.

  3. #613752013-07-23 15:25:24johan_5179 said:

    I remember a dream where someone cut both my arms off, elbows down. When I woke up I couldn't feel them at all for 30 minutes or so. And that freaked me out.

    I /think/ it was because when my hands were being cut, in my sleep that is, i must have rolled into a ball, and put my hands under my facedown body to protect them. That cut off circulation and since I don't remember what position I woke up in, I like to believe this.

    So, do I hit yes or no in the poll, since this was not exactly 'Pain' ?

  4. #613772013-07-23 15:48:33Cenica said:

    Haha. I've done that before. Slept on my arm and cut of my circulation that is. Not only was it numb but it took a while before I could move it properly again...

  5. #613782013-07-23 15:49:57Cenica said:

    I don't usually feel real pain when I'm sleeping except for when it's a gut shot. For some reason if something happens where I end up getting hit(shooting, stabbing, punching, kicking) in the gut I get that "oof" feeling.

  6. #615472013-07-24 10:02:26TeruShinozaki said:

    I had a dream once where I was stabbed with a knife right through my chest. It wasn't painful, but I did feel the way the cold, numb feeling gradually spread throughout my body, the blood trickling out, drenching my shirt, and how hard it was to hold on when your consciousness is slipping away from you. I woke up after I died in-dream, although my body felt completely normal afterwards.

    You know, in my country, there is a very old superstitious belief about that very thing — dying from a nightmare. Wes Craven, the writer for 'A Nightmare on Elm Street', had stated that these real-life incidents were, in fact, the inspiration for the inception of the movie.

    In Southeast Asia, there had always been a number of mysterious deaths with no apparent cause that occurs in the middle of one's sleep, and appears to predominantly affect young to middle aged Asian men. Known incidents have come from various parts of Asia such as Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Philippines, and Japan. In Thailand, it is believed to be the work of the 'phi am' or the 'widow ghost', who preys on the souls of healthy young men. (Lol.) It is also apparently a superstitious practice in other cultures for men to paint their lips and nails red, and to wear women's clothing to bed to trick the malevolent female spirits into sparing their lives. (Lololol.)

    It seems that recent studies are showing that these sudden sleep deaths don't all have to do with nightmares after all. There appears to be more of a link towards sleep paralysis, pancreas or heart failure, and other such bodily malfunctions. However, these really only account for a handful of the many unexplained cases of these mysterious deaths throughout the years, so you could look into that if you want to.

  7. #615502013-07-24 10:21:55HoresManur said:
    I have felt pain in a dream. My memory of it is not vivid, but I once dreamed that I was being raped in the bumhole and felt real and literal anal pain from it. It was not a pleasant experience. Luckily it is not a recurring dream.
  8. #616652013-07-25 19:07:37crazymexican said:

    I've experienced something similer. in one of my dreams i actual managed to rip off my braces and in the prosses i broke off most my front teeth. the pain was so intense that it woke me up. my teeth felt like i had taken a sledge hammer to the face for a bit till i fell back to sleep

  9. #617852013-07-29 11:41:38armedzerox said:

    sometimes brain works randomly in sleep that makes random dreams. i guess the muscles sometimes work according to the random information send by the brains

  10. #618722013-08-01 13:30:22 *Mau said:
    Once when I was staying over at a relatives house I dreamed I was scratched by a black cat, the next morning I woke up to my hand covered in scratches and a bit of dried blood.
    There is a cat in this house, but she's been declawed for almost five years.
  11. #618742013-08-01 14:14:04Michu said:

    Once I had a dream that I lost my dick from a freak rail road accident and when I woke up my pants were soaked in blood, I was in pain so I rolled out of bed and went to switch the light on to find out my dick was missing and I had a vagina. My life has never been the same.

  12. #619872013-08-02 23:23:46AlphaHikari_1A14 said:

    I had a dream where I was fighting some kind of mutated cat to get back inside my house and it bit me on my had. I woke up the next morning feeling intense pain coming from it, so when I looked at it, my had was completely red. That was really painful. I'm not even going to go into the time where I dreamed a tree fell on me.

  13. #620992013-08-04 08:49:44 *Blacklight said:

    I had a dream I was pissing fire and lava and shit like a volcano then I woke up to my leg hot as fuck and it was only me pissing my pants like a geyser and shit and I was all like AWWWWW YEEEEEEEEEEEEE damn.

  14. #632792013-09-04 03:54:57 *izzymcfrizzy said:

    It can happen. I remember I was about seven when I dreamt that I was in an endless hallway of locked bathroom doors. For some reason my sense of purpose was to find a bathroom that wasn't locked. At the end of the hallway, I finally found one. As I was opening the door, I woke up to wet bedsheets.

    I also experienced pain during a dream recently, about a few months ago. I dreamt I fell off cliff down into a ravine and crushed my leg. I woke up and found that my leg had gone into a teeth-grinding spasm. Painful as it sounds, it didn't take long to smoothen out the buckling muscle.

  15. #632962013-09-04 23:24:20TalTal said:

    one time I was lucid dreaming and I thought I felt a crawling spider on my real life face, so I sort of floated out of dreaming and into semi-consciousness to check if there was a spider. There wasn't, but it definitely felt real. It's not the first time I've felt illusionary stuff when dreaming, that whole "pinch me to check if I'm dreaming" thing is bs.

  16. #633262013-09-05 21:10:21Maryam said:


    If it was your left leg, that most likely means that you're extremely dehydrated and you should drink a lot more water. I used to wake up to horribly painful leg cramps like that in the middle of the night. Sometimes the pain would last seconds, sometimes more than 10 minutes. Anyway, get your shit checked if it keeps occurring.

    This thread has great timing because I woke up this morning with a shriek. I dreamt about a bunch of other things but I somehow ended dreaming of walking barefoot somewhere and hearing the familiar sound of a millipede being crushed under my BARE foot. This is honestly one of the most disgusting things to me. I still felt it sticking to the bottom of my foot and frantically tried to shake it off. I was really frustrated and disgusted which resulted in me screaming pretty loudly both in and outside of my dream, according to my sister.

  17. #633302013-09-05 22:40:23 *Cloud-VK said:

    One time I had this nightmare...well it really wasn't a nightmare, it was just weird. On the day of this said dream my hand was very painfully smashed by dumpster lid. Immediately my hand went numb and I got hit by the obvious pain that comes from having hand smashed. It’s only happened to me that one time, but if you have ever had a finger caught in a door, it’s sort of like that. Anyhow I also couldn’t move it, but throughout the rest of the day it got better and it felt like it didn’t even happen. So then I had this dream where I was riding in the car with my family on a beautiful day, when the car veered and well …everyone except for me died. When I came to, in that dream at first I was lookn’ at the bodies, but then the thought came to me that someone could be alive, so I tried to stand up. Funny thing though the car was on fire and one of the newly opened doors had almost severed the same hand off but hadn’t finished the job. When I saw that I woke up screaming, because it felt like my hand was of fire, I was dizzy, half asleep, and burning up but the pain was the worst. Also my hand wouldn’t move right, it was moving but not how I wanted it too. In the end I put it in really really cold water which fixed it right up.

  18. #699552014-02-12 00:23:56PerrySona said:

    I can feel coldness if I'm dying in a dream or such but I mostly feel adrenaline and occasional terror. Normally the former isn't as bad but the latter will wake me up.This one dream I had is where I was trying to get away from two people and I was hanging off of a horizontal pole. I had figured out away immediately but I couldn't move and pure terror shot through my system. The people weren't scary and I knew how to beat them, but it was the first adrenaline dream to actually jolt me awake in a while.

  19. #699562014-02-12 01:16:12 *Kip said:

    I often have dreams where I randomly become paralyzed from the head down, and when I try to yell out for help to people it comes out like a struggled whisper (which I know from many experiences means I'm talking in my sleep or yelling something). I usually wake up halfway through these dreams and can't move my body, even though I know I'm conscious, but I can still see images from my dream and my whole body will begin to ache and my head will feel light while my chest and legs and arms are heavy. It feels like they're 100 pounds heavier and it hurts, almost as if I'm fatigued.

    This only happens when I have dreams where I need to help people or if I'm in trouble, so I guess my subconscious thinks pretty poorly of me.

  20. #699682014-02-12 18:56:20 *Ecstasy said:

    @Kip there is also this thing when you get paralyzed when you wake up. like you are already awake but your body won't move. Japan has a word for this phenomenon even.