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Parent: What do you dream?

  1. #613682013-07-23 14:34:44Chestnut_Rice said:

    Uh, not sure about this. Most of my dreams are pretty random, and I can't lucid dream, but.

    I don't know why but often I end up joining a group of rebels or some thing trying to take down the man or what ever.

    One particular example I remember was when I walked all the way to St. Louis during nuclear winter, and joined a gang of criminals who were at war with a police clan.

    There were several where I had to uncover a conspiracy by a greedy company or government along with a bunch of other misfits.

    I had a bunch where I was in a cyberpunkish East Asian city running away from the police.

    Most of the reasons for which I was running, I forget. And also I don't remember what conspiracies I was trying to uncover too, but I'm pretty sure they were pretty sinister.

  2. #613692013-07-23 14:41:19Cenica said:

    XD I remember having a conspiracy dream about some detective stuff. During the dream all these crazy facts worked together and made sense, but after I woke up I was like, "What. the. heck. The duck was the serial murderer and his weapon of choice was the sponge?"