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  1. #620162013-08-03 13:28:09 *Mau said:

    It has been a year since the internet's demise... Maudia is no longer lazy.

    ....wow, that is so painfully accurate.

  2. #657032013-11-08 06:15:40Inasda said:

    It has been a year since the internet's demise... Inasda no longer has a weird laugh.

    I never new I had one...

  3. #667212013-11-28 15:54:21Rinneko said:
    It has been a year since the internet's demise... Rinneko is now happy with their life.

    ...casually waits for the internet's demise.

  4. #717492014-03-22 17:07:34 *kofuku said:

    It has been a year since the internet's demise... kofuku is free from their shameful history.

    ~frolics in the meadows as all the gay fanfiction and silly tumblr posts are washed away forever~

  5. #757822014-05-15 12:07:21Yugure said:

    It has been a year since the internet's demise... Yugure has no reason to wake up now.

    Food...trash day...grocery...

  6. #624352013-08-11 05:57:27 *johan_5179 said:

    johan_5179's last words: "Don't worry, it's not like I'm going to die!"

    Not sure if Brave Shonen Hero or Stupid kid who tried being a smartass

  7. #826902014-09-20 01:34:00Kuro-tan said:

    Kuro-tan's last words: "No, give me all YOUR money!"

    True, considering that I would be losing my mind, trying to hit everything with all the last strength I had left...

  8. #624552013-08-12 00:48:04Cenica said:

    "Cenica tastes like mango and blueberry. Delicious!"
    I like mangoes and blueberries but not sure how well they taste together...

  9. #657612013-11-08 16:04:55Kirn said:

    Kirn tastes like coffee and cotton candy. ...!

    Coffee - yes. Cotton candy I haven't had for a damn long time now.

  10. #757332014-05-15 07:55:29 *Frey said:

    Frey's name means: 1) Doesn't actually exist. 2) Has no friends.



  11. #757362014-05-15 08:04:26Frey said:

    But mine is....so bad. ;_; I have friends...right? And shouldn't you be sleeping? Don't waste them day off's.

  12. #799162014-07-10 02:04:45Mau said:

    Maudia's name means: 1) Tweeting too much. 2) Godly.

    I am Godly.

    Didn't need a Shindan to tell me that.

  13. #667002013-11-28 11:09:21Kirn said:

    Kirn would be a Fighting/Dark, and they would be a pseudo-Legendary.

    That sounds somewhat correct.

  14. #757872014-05-15 12:14:35 *Yugure said:

    Yugure would be a Grass/Bug, and they would be a pseudo-Legendary.

    Pseudo-Legendary, yes...the type -facedesks-

    Why, @Frey...? Why Fairy?

  15. #667012013-11-28 11:09:33Ecstasy said:

    Ecstasy's inv.
    Mana Potion(23), Gold(22,433,923), God Sword, Mithril Robes.

    I never really play mages though.

  16. #667762013-11-30 15:54:03Cenica said:

    You might want to check but I think this is one of those Shindans that gives you the same answer no matter what you put in.

  17. #667772013-11-30 16:16:15johan_5179 said:

    "johan_5179 looks very gross and is very bossy to other people."

    "{Real-Name} looks hardly beautiful and is hardly kind to other people."

    "{{full name}} looks very cute and is very lively to other people."

    I think its a legit shindan

  18. #667822013-11-30 17:38:13 *Cenica said:

    That's wierd. I got the same answer as Rinneko even thou I entered Cenica and Cen.
    Peanut Butter gets something different though. As well as pickles.

  19. #717822014-03-22 21:29:07kofuku said:

    "kofuku looks hardly cute and is hardly helpful to other people."

    Why you little shit. I am an angel, both inside and out.

  20. #762582014-05-20 15:35:47Dark-B said:

    "Dark B looks very beautiful and is very helpful to other people."

    See? it knows that I am nice to people.

  21. #799492014-07-10 05:39:12AshitoKenji said:

    I'd rather not share what I got for this one... but I will anyway "AshitoKenji looks very gross and is very lively to other people."

  22. #826962014-09-20 01:47:46Kuro-tan said:

    Kuro-tan has long blond hair and looks good in a kimono. They control blood and wield a gun.

    FUCK YEAH!!! But I'm not blonde...

  23. #827082014-09-20 07:59:50MrTrain said:

    MrTrain has fluffy pink hair and looks good in a skirt. They create shields and wield a spear.

    I'm imagining Cotten candy fluffy

  24. #757402014-05-15 08:39:19Kirn said:

    Kirn's Jaeger is CHERNO VENGEANCE

    Actually, would be correct. Russian jaeger, and I do like me some vengeance.