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  1. #799192014-07-10 02:11:51Yugure said:

    Yugure was surprised by a giant coyote, who stares into their eyes before snuggling them all night.


  2. #799242014-07-10 02:18:50Frey said:

    Frey was attacked by a stocky wildcat, who suddenly kisses them before eating them for a snack.


  3. #826992014-09-20 01:52:23Kuro-tan said:

    Kuro-tan was cornered by a half-drunk hedgehog, who gropes them before making them bend over.

    My 10-year old vivid dream all over again

  4. #799302014-07-10 02:26:28 *Yugure said:

    Yugure is the villain! A megalomaniac, programmed to be defeated. Why waste your time? Go plant some berries.

    --- plants some berries ---

    Loved until Lucario comes along.

    Poor starter

  5. #827062014-09-20 07:42:13MrTrain said:

    MrTrain is the guy with 6 Metapod! And you're wondering why people try to avoid you?

    I guess I'm just to hard to beat

  6. #812912014-08-04 17:50:45Teil said:

    Teil stars in Weeping Horror, a(n) adventure VN with bunnies and awesome CGs.

    Can't get much better than bunnies~

  7. #825312014-09-17 03:07:00xiaden said:

    Xia-chan stars in Enchanted Nights, a(n) BL sports VN with curses and economics.

    Idek how to... what? uhm. wew.

  8. #827052014-09-20 07:39:59MrTrain said:

    MrTrain stars in Heartful Hearts, a(n) adventure eroge VN with cakes and alchemy.

    ...why is mine the only eroge?

  9. #936742015-11-09 06:10:44Kirn said:

    Kirn stars in Psychotic Friendship, a(n) thriller VN with cuddling and endless puns.

    Sounds very close to truth.

  10. #825242014-09-17 00:49:18 *Yugure said:

    Yugure is an SSS rate ghoul and has a bikaku kagune. Yugure dies in the Ghoul Restaurant.

    Heh, SSS please. >:D

  11. #936182015-11-08 21:29:38Kip said:

    Kip is 28% scary enough ^ω^ ?

    But when I use my real name

    ____ is 400% scary enough ^ω^ ?


  12. #936262015-11-09 02:31:19Zyxx23 said:
    ( Zyxx23 is 95% scary enough ^ω^ ?)

    Real name:
    (_______ is 75% scary enough ^ω^ ?)

    T^T I am disappointed at myself for such low results U_U
  13. #936272015-11-09 02:43:26 *Wolfangle said:

    Username but with a space in the middle

    Wolf angle is 430% scary enough ^ω^ ?

    Real name

    ________ is 360% scary enough ^ω^ ?

    I'm not as satisfied, but those numbers will have to do.

  14. #936762015-11-09 06:12:19Kirn said:

    Kirn is 500% scary enough ^ω^ ?

    Top that, fuckers. (Though, this meter is kinda fucking boring really)