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Parent: What do you dream?

  1. #615012013-07-23 23:31:48 *Penthus said:

    I'm walking down a hot sidewalk. To my right, on top of a red car, is a pale, naked woman. She looks to be around my age or older. She is breathing rather heavily and lying on her back. I notice that her eyes are also red, matching the car. She looks like she's dying. I pick her up and carry her back to my apartment. I lay her on my leather couch, and give her some water and cover her body with a blanket. I am in the kitchen when she slithers her way into it. I fall to the floor, afraid of what is coming. She looks almost like Kayako Saeki. When she finally gets herself to me, barely an inch away from my face, she whispers something I cannot understand. She later is engulfed in black smoke and what is left is a small, crystal statue of what appears to be a medieval king, ten inches in height. I pick it up, and I whisper "Death". When I say that, I know that I'm saying that that woman was indeed a soul harvester (Lol I know these last parts sounds cheesy, but it's what was understood in my dream). My dream then fades into a tall, thin, dark-haired woman. She is about seven feet tall, and her body is covered in gray, black, and blue cloth. Most of my apartment's furniture and walls are now made of crystal or glass. My couch is still of black leather. She appears to be the reason for my home's major changes. I see her levitating crystal formations and shaping them into bigger objects that I cannot recognize. I tell her to leave. She responds with anger, and forms crystal giants that threaten. Each of the giants' joints are only connected through her magic as there are spaces in between them. They levitate several yards away from me, ready for an attack. I say that she is allowed to stay. She calms down and melts the giants back into the walls. She also seems to have a daughter by her side. A miniature version of herself that is only a foot in height. My dream then fades into the same sidewalk I had been walking on earlier. I see a red car to my right. Same sidewalk, same car, same woman. Or at least someone that greatly resembles her. I pick her up and carry her to my home. I set her on the couch, and nurse her back to health. On the kitchen table, I see what appears to be a chess board. Each side is complete with crystal pieces. When I return to the living room to give the Death woman more water, all that is left is another crystal king. I take it in my hand. I lower myself to a robotic I apparently know girl and ask her, "What should I do with it?" She responds with nothing. I crush the king in my bare hand, and walk away into the kitchen to resume my cooking.

    Almost all of them are like that, but with me usually dying at the end.