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Parent: What are you reading?

  1. #618472013-07-31 12:29:43DarkChaplain said:

    Currently reading/listening to:

    Helsreach still, because Emperor beware I fuckin' finish it first before jumping into others...

    Vulkan Lives

    In the wake of the Dropsite Massacre at Isstvan V, the survivors of the Salamanders Legion searched long and hard for their fallen primarch, but to no avail. Little did they know that while Vulkan might have wished himself dead, he lives still. As the war continues without him, all eyes turn to Ultramar and Guilliman’s new empire there, and Vulkan’s sons are drawn into an insidious plot to end the Heresy by the most underhand means imaginable.


    In the depths of Calth’s arcology network, the Underworld War has raged for years. Aeonid Thiel, previously an honoured sergeant of the Ultramarines, once again finds himself in trouble – pitted against the daemonic forces of the Word Bearers, he has no choice but to venture back to the ravaged surface and brave the deadly solar flares that have scoured all life from this world. With a lowly Imperial Army trooper as his only companion, it falls to him to drive the maniacal Dark Apostle Kurtha Sedd and his warband from the overrun XIII Legion stronghold.

    Thiel was a pretty cool character in Know No Fear, so I've got to listen to this new audio drama today. They just released it early via their website, with the CD version still a few months out.

  2. #618592013-07-31 22:00:32DarkChaplain said:

    They do both audiobooks and audio dramas. The Horus Heresy series had the opening trilogy as abridged audios, sadly, which cut whole plotlines to fit onto 4 CDs each, iirc, and every single new book since #15 has gotten an unabridged audio. They've since re-released the first 6 plus #11 as hardback collector's editions, with #4-6 and #11 getting unabridged audios as well.
    They're re-releasing the rest as time moves on, and hopefully there will be unabridged audios for the first three at some point.

    Additionally, there's an unabridged audio for one of their novellas, and more than a dozen of audio dramas.

    And that is just the Horus Heresy series. There are another two dozen audio dramas for 40k and Fantasy, and there's a Helsreach unabridged audio now as well.

    So yeah, shit's great.

  3. #618612013-07-31 22:14:36DarkChaplain said:

    I'd recommend getting your hands on something outside the Horus Heresy series first, though. Read the Eisenhorn trilogy, for example. Great introduction to the franchise (also has an audio drama available, two discs, but the second is a tie-in to the sequel trilogy, and thus full of spoilers. The first CD's got two stories, both pretty good).

    Also stuff like Ciaphas Cain, for a more humorous spin on the Imperial Guard.

    Also Space Marine Battles, though they might be a bit hit and miss. Rather, go with the Space Marine Omnibus; collecting three short story anthologies, 30+ stories included, coming September.

    Also the two Hammer & Bolter anthologies (2nd one) - shitload of authors and factions, from both Fantasy and 40k. Good to find authors you enjoy and factions to follow more closely.