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Parent: What are you reading?

  1. #618592013-07-31 22:00:32DarkChaplain said:

    They do both audiobooks and audio dramas. The Horus Heresy series had the opening trilogy as abridged audios, sadly, which cut whole plotlines to fit onto 4 CDs each, iirc, and every single new book since #15 has gotten an unabridged audio. They've since re-released the first 6 plus #11 as hardback collector's editions, with #4-6 and #11 getting unabridged audios as well.
    They're re-releasing the rest as time moves on, and hopefully there will be unabridged audios for the first three at some point.

    Additionally, there's an unabridged audio for one of their novellas, and more than a dozen of audio dramas.

    And that is just the Horus Heresy series. There are another two dozen audio dramas for 40k and Fantasy, and there's a Helsreach unabridged audio now as well.

    So yeah, shit's great.