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  1. Idea on a course CL could take.

    #619012013-08-02 09:04:13 *Kirn said:

    First of all - yeah, this thread got 'meta' tag, deal with it. Second - no, the purpose of this one is not to rant on someone or to bring CL closer to the final destruction. I just suddenly had this idea, which is too funny not to share with you.

    There I was, thinking about the future of CL and the personality we might acquire, when it suddenly hit me: we can make CL a community of intelligent anime (and other things) lovers. Okay, stop laughing and giggling, you bastards, I am perfectly serious about it. Not even trolling anyone here, nope.

    It's actually quite obvious if you look at it. Look at the contents of the forum for a second. If you look past the shallow LoL and Minecraft threads and threads made by total idiots (like @Kuro_Neko96), you'll see that we got some good stuff here. Anime threads? Got them, popular anime mostly, though, but it is something. Games? We got games galore, thanks to @DarkChaplain's activity. Now he's not the only one contributing, and what we have here is a pretty good collection of smart games as well as some good discussions. Movies? Well, I try to do what I can. Anime community is not a good place to post documentaries, really, but still, we got them. Books? I think, @DarkChaplain was also the one to start it, and now we got different book threads, literature contest and other people who are making such threads.

    Now, you may say that many places got this. True. But I see that we have a potential here. Right now we have no aim, no goal, no purpose, but we have people struggling to improve the contents of our sweet little hellhole. Don't you think we should support that noble cause? I sure think so.

    So, okay, honestly I have to say that I have no idea how do you turn a community into an intelligent one. However, fuck, when it was told we are a fucking Drrr community, we acted that way! So who knows, with goal officially stated and with people encouraged to invite their friend to an actual smart community... we might pull this off? We would surely have better conversations, and intelligent people tend to pace themselves better, so we won't have people rushing for things that they can't do in time or at all (yeah, projects/contest reference there).

    So there you go. Think about it, you bastards. We are already a pretty elitist community, so why the fuck not to aim to bring people who would be up to our standards and be able to properly converse? Everyone would win and I can even promise not to hit new people with the shovel right from the first moment I meet them.

    Support more intelligent CL, kill an idiot today!

  2. #619062013-08-02 10:31:24Taro_Tanako said:

    Because what CL needs more of is elitism..

    I guess it's not a terrible goal to up our game just a little and offer more intelligent comment, engage a bit more.

    But I've notice an odd conflict here amongst those users who are intelligent and contribute to CL. Whilst on one hand they seem to want the community to be better, on the other they trash it, put people down, discourage opinions differing from their own, encourage a mean cult of personality.

    Who's gonna want to have intelligent discourse with people who come across as know-it-alls?

    Still, I'm just being a doubter today..

  3. #619172013-08-02 14:13:44VivoDePyre said:

    I'm endless impressed at your ability to say nice things while still feeling incredibly back handed about the whole thing, @Kirn. Still, I do love me some medium-heavy discussion topics. They are harder to make though than simply wishing them into existence. One can put a ton of work into a post and only get a response or two. Posting reviews are easier (which DC and occasionally myself) than starting discussions.

    That being said, I do have a suggestion. Structure a weekly discussion similar to a book club. Watch x movie. Play to a point in a game. Watch x episodes of an anime Read this many chapters. I've seen it work for /r/Anime and /r/Trueanime. My film classes work on similar discussion structure. It works for book clubs obviously. \

    By having the same, bite-size source to work from, everybody can easily join in. The weekly aspect is habit forming, builds some traffic back up for the site, and would fit into most schedules at least somewhere. Other mediums may change this time, video games may want a guaranteed month of discussion before folks buy. Broken into week segments probably (like a book club), but nothing is mandated.

    The important thing is we would need people to run said "clubs". Someone willing to pull together potential topics, hold polls to decide what to watch/read/listen, monitor discussion occasionally, so on so forth. Not much more than maybe an hours work each week, but it'd need to be consistent. It'd be miserably unorganized to have multiple people running the same clubs parallel, there needs to be clearly division and leadership.

  4. #619342013-08-02 16:15:48Cenica said:

    I don't know about other people but whenever something gets a schedule put with it I kind of lose interest. It makes it more like a chore than a hobby. So I don't think this idea would work well.

    I mean that might work well with books. There's more patience involved with that. But as far as movies, shows, and games go I think that'd be more taxing than it's worth.

    Also it'd probably be better to make a thread for movie nights, kind of like Viral did, and TV shows and let interested parties find their own way there. Once people have gathered then you can start the show watching/ discussion.

  5. #619182013-08-02 14:14:00Cloud-VK said:

    CL is a good site and my main "hellhole". This place always has potential. But what is that potential, besides being a better forum? Nothing.

    So you want more people, new and intelligent people to join our elitist community. How do we do that?


    Damn. We already have a lot of similar threads like this.

  6. #619192013-08-02 14:16:01Kirn said:

    @Taro_Tanako let me first say that the main problem you might see with this is you being not smart and also lazy and hence failing things on CL. Naturally, I understand your position - right now you are a 'target' of those horrible people who want you not to spew nonsense or actually finish the things you promised to finish. How's the movies nights plan btw, eh?

    Now, taking a turn from your personality to personalty of CL. You see, CL by default always held some sort of elitism. If you think we have it now, you should be happy you weren't here back when we had a people with proper oldfag status that would say hello to you by raping you in the ass on chat just because you are the lower form of existence.

    Sure, in some ways we are quite elitist and I am proud to be a major contributor to this state. However, there are people who are not treated with elitism even while they are new. Why? Because they are intelligent, interesting to talk and do now act like little kiddies when pressed. They act mature. (Or they are bastards enough to hold their own here, but that's another story antirely) And I sure would like to see more of those.

    If they would also be mean to the ones like you - even better.

  7. #619482013-08-02 17:38:29Taro_Tanako said:

    Haha..well @Kirn I can certainly see your point about my "laziness" since I hardly ever contribute or post or make comments. Why this very answer itself is just a figment of our collective imaginations and I never bother with chat either. It seems to me that you had me sussed.

    More on topic though, perhaps encouragement is better for community involvement rather than the seniors amongst you being so judgemental without any particular rationale behind that. I guess DC does a pretty excellent job sometimes, but he's much quicker to scold than to support usually.

    Whilst this current atmosphere persists, I doubt anybody particularly smart is going to want to hang around for long though. Of course, maybe they will flock here to converse with you Kirn, since you're such a charming sage who clearly feels no need to bully, belittle, or defame random people who did nothing to you. Is that sport?

    Meh..I guess the world is full of possibilities.

  8. #619512013-08-02 17:54:47DarkChaplain said:

    I guess DC does a pretty excellent job sometimes, but he's much quicker to scold than to support usually.

    Give me a god damn reason to support you and I will. Instead, you did not even want to make corrections to your story submission, and instead qq'd in your PMs to me.

    I'm giving a lot of support to people, even if you might not actually get to see it, or realize it. If I didn't, I wouldn't be where I am today, and the site wouldn't be either. The same goes for Kirn, who did and still does A LOT to support the site. Perspectives, eh?

  9. #619532013-08-02 18:13:07Taro_Tanako said:

    Yeh, I'm pretty aware that you and Kirn do do stuff, and good things too. But you didn't really address my point did you? Also, does that give you justifiable currency to be a douche and expect it not to push folks away?

    I don't really wanna argue about this really since there comes a point when it just becomes all negative and CL isn't all that bad. I used to love it here. People seem interesting and friendly and I met some really cool people but people only stay and help this place grow when it makes them happy.

    Sure, you think I'm whiny but then you've got all the power and influence on here. From where I'm sitting there's a serious issue of diminishing returns and lessening emotional value to engaging here. Perspectives, eh?

    So when you bring more newbies in try learning from that and treat them with a bit more respect. I swear they'll be grateful and want to be a part of this place.

  10. #619582013-08-02 18:25:35DarkChaplain said:

    So when you bring more newbies in try learning from that and treat them with a bit more respect. I swear they'll be grateful and want to be a part of this place.

    Fun fact: I do. They need to act like total retards, like, for example, @kid_dakota acted today, for me to brand them as dummies.
    In fact, we actually had newfags today as well, and they were treated just fine. I even got a PM with them thanking me for my help or something.

    I do not see people actually being dicks to new people. That was an issue in the past, but has been reduced to a minimum since. Don't act like every new user would have these issues. It just happens that you whine a hell lot and people don't take you seriously anymore.

    If your reply, after lots of urging for you to even make a small effort, in regards to a project contribution is something like this:

    OK DC. It looks fine to me. Well not fine, but other than the terrible style and content it's fine. There, you can now trash it as much as you please and shit.

    God damn it are you insecure and self-pitying.

    Another Fun fact:
    DC ripped his arse off for that project to work out as best as possible, editing people's contributions and making sure this was handled properly from start to finish.
    I had to run after a DOZEN users to get that shit done, and I expect that each and every one of you lot AT LEAST makes a comparable effort with his/her own contribution. Most people did not. So excuse me that I quickly lose respect for those kids who reply to my efforts like that, or drop out because of self-pity or "oops, I forgot". You literally made my job in that project much harder than it could have been if you had done your part of it properly.
    Instead of sucking it up, dropping the act and getting your shit done in a timely manner and making sure everything's alright, you actually had to hide behind Wolfangle who then would go and bitch about how I am being mean to you.

    And that's just in reply to me. I remember you getting pissy at @Cenica for "being bossy" because of another project. Funny, that is.

  11. #619672013-08-02 18:58:51 *Ecstasy said:

    This is why we can't have nice things. If you guys could just stop concentrating on trashing each other and start focusing on the thread's purpose instead without being overly pessimistic - that'd be great.

  12. #619702013-08-02 19:36:07Taro_Tanako said:

    First off, Kid isn't a retard! He's also been on CL a long time and keeps coming back and contributes to the community. I'd say that means he should have some value here rather than the constant dismissal and plain bullying that it looks like he gets from you. He's not a bad person, in fact he's pretty darn cool if you get to know him.

    So hey, you can regurgitate my replies. I'm not sure what this proves or you think it proves. It seems a pretty dull move to me but whatever rocks your boat dude. I know you still didn't address my point though.

    Sure, I screwed my planning up on that and got all pissed with it. I am glad I took part still. I appreciate what you did and I apologised for putting you out. I also learnt a pretty good lesson too so thanks. If there's ever a next time I will do a better job. But it wasn't the worst job now was it? I'm not sure where Wolfy comes into this but whatever it is it's probably just him watching my back. He's a friend. We all got them and they stick up for us, sometimes when it's better if they don't. I like that he's such a good mate though. And I did get pissy at Cen, you're right on that one, and she came straight out and whined to you about it. Your point is what big man?

    I'm glad newbies get some respect from you. You should get a medal for that. I hope it lasts because CL could do with a little more empathy and understanding sometimes. Go you! I'm proud.

    Now, I'm not fond of these character assassination rants. They just wind people up and make everyone shitty. It's not really good for anyone unless they're some borderline sociopathic egotist who delight in mundane human disagreements. I'd offer some truce or something, but I know better than that.

    Word to the newbies though. CL is like a school playground full of predators. Do not show weakness or vulnerability or respect to your peers here because they will label you and then push you around. Then if you speak up because it's just a little out of order you'll be heckled and put down. The only way to thrive is to be like them. And that's a little sad really.

  13. #619712013-08-02 19:52:59Kuroba_Loki said:

    1.) Can you give any concrete example of this.. "Contribution"??? c/o @kid_dakota

    2.) Showing respect =/= weakness.

    3.) Speaking up doesn't always get you heckled and put down, this only happens when what you're talking about is stupid and is idiotic (no offense, of course)

    4.) You're wrong about the your last two sentences. I've seen some new people being helped by the people you call bullies or whatnot, and you know why? Because they deserve respect, they don't post stupid threads, ask stupid questions that you know they can get the answer from looking around.

    /Mischievous Wewbot/

  14. #619722013-08-02 19:59:06Taro_Tanako said:

    @Ecstasy you're right! I don't know how I trapped myself in this argument now. I guess I have more lessons to learn. We can have nice things. We can always have nice things.

    @Kuroba_Loki he contributes on chat sometimes. His presence is amusing and he's fun. It's all a rich tapestry. I'm actually really glad you think I'm wrong because I don't want it to be true. Just like DC, I want CL to be good and fun. We just don't get along is all.

  15. #619732013-08-02 20:02:20 *--Jack-- said:

    Taro_Tanako, he (Kid) doesn't contribute anything on forums, and in chat he usually makes users leave or they mess with him.

  16. #619742013-08-02 20:04:41SENsei said:

    unless they're some borderline sociopathic egotist who delight in mundane human disagreements.

    CL is like a school playground full of predators.

    This is still totally in effect btw.

  17. #619832013-08-02 21:28:55 *Momimochi said:


    You go ahead and do that; your own rep isn't that much better than kid's on here.


    Okay, if I wasn't out having dimsum with my family, I would have posted this a pretty long time ago.

    He's also been on CL a long time and keeps coming back and contributes to the community.

    First things first, he hasn't been on CL for "a long time"-- I would know-- and he doesn't contribute any worthwhile fecal matters to this site at all.

    I'd say that means he should have some value here rather than the constant dismissal and plain bullying that it looks like he gets from you.


    Word to the newbies though. CL is like a school playground full of predators. Do not show weakness or vulnerability or respect to your peers here because they will label you and then push you around. Then if you speak up because it's just a little out of order you'll be heckled and put down. The only way to thrive is to be like them. And that's a little sad really.

    See, there's this thing called first impression and frankly, he didn't make a very good one. I won't even get into how important first impressions are and how they literally last for a lifetime. There's a certain limit that people can take when there's a member who comes in and types up a bunch of things that both look and sound less than intelligent, regardless of their seniority on the site. Of course, because you are one of the people amongst those groups of new users who utterly lacks the ability to make any sort of positive impressions, your biased view will only ever allow you to see what you believe.

    While I can say that we're not all that much of a friendly, warm, and welcoming group, we don't treat people like feces the second they step in here. Actually, we very much tolerate them for about the first half hour... or less... and depending on how they act, we treat them that way.

    What I'm trying to get at is that you earn the respect of others; you don't just expect them to give it to you. That's a pretty good life lesson for you. I even felt nice enough to bold this for you so you can learn and apply it later on in life. It's good advice, really.

    First off, Kid isn't a retard!

    Au contraire, mon chéri. Though, to be fair, you probably wouldn't really notice (refer to above).

    Because what CL needs more of is elitism..

    And yet you're promoting this idea amidst of everything you're saying.

  18. #619892013-08-02 23:53:13hellstorm901 said:
    You go ahead and do that; your own rep isn't that much better than kid's on here.

    Is that so. Seeing as I have not actually seen anyone attack me on any thread on the site (As per the norm of the grievance system here). PM me with with any issue that have against me or so much as talk to me in chat about any issue they have towards me I really must say.

    Humor me. By all means.
  19. #619902013-08-03 00:41:40Taro_Tanako said:

    @Momimochi I'd really rather you take shots at me and not my friends. Kid and Hellstorm are both good people.

    I envy your dim sum. That's really all I can be bothered to say.

  20. #619952013-08-03 02:06:56 *--Jack-- said:

    I feel like this belongs (Also it's time to rant about perpetual newbies):

    Know your place. Like it or not, you will be new until you've literally been on CL for "a while". Newbies (Commonly known as Newfags) are spotted by being idiots that don't back up their opinions with facts, are unable to use gravatar but try to participate as if they had an avatar, avoid reading faqs and ask how to do things without having read any source of help. There is a class system on CL. You need to earn the right to be a dick before you can do so without getting a lot of negative results thrown at you.

    Yeah this also applies to members who simply act like newfags. They don't follow rules, or they are too casual and don't actively care about projects, or they don't treat others with a certain level of respect....or they take the internet too seriously (i.e. they are wimps and get their feelings hurt too easily).

    Guess what? I joined in March of This Year. And I already have 99 Percentile(the system is worthless, but still), two badges, and I can function well with @DC, @Kirn, and a few others you most-likely don't like. I hadn't even been on a forum before CL....I had no knowledge of Forum Etiquette before I was on here. I made friends, I stated facts THAT I COULD BACK UP WITH EVIDENCE, and I didn't act like the site owed me anything.


    But I guess I'm just not a failure. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that users who feel bullied also feel put down IRL? Yeah I thought so.

    You can't say anything you want, do anything you want, and blame others all the time, and expect people to like you. Especially when you can't even provide factual support for the crap that spew-eth from your food-hole. If that is the case, you can't think before you speak either.

    Oh and @Taro_Tanako 's Quote:

    Then if you speak up because it's just a little out of order you'll be heckled and put down. The only way to thrive is to be like them. And that's a little sad really.

    It's not that you have to conform to the CL Mods' ideas, opinions, or projects... You can have your own, and start your own projects. But if you make them SHITTY, they will be removed. This isn't because they don't like you, or because your a twerp, its because you fucked up and they hope you won't do it again. Sure it's negative reinforcement but...welcome to the internet.

    -end rant

  21. #619992013-08-03 03:00:03 *johan_5179 said:

    I am repeating the OP in a sense but, forums run on good content. If your posts are relevant, no one will get on your ass for them. People may bait you because of your record on site, but nobody hates genuinely good content. CL staff is harsh, not stupid. Elitism, rudeness etc is something that can be dealt with very simply - good threads. And by not being stubborn.

    The new user conundrum has been spoken on many times, read @--Jack-- 's post. He has said it well.

    Your relationships with other members are your own concern, but all I can say is that if you are not overly annoying, you will be treated well. I have been here 5 months and I have been happy.

  22. #620022013-08-03 04:34:49 *Kirlyte said:
    read @--Jack-- 's post. He has said it well.
    I sincerely hope you're joking-considering the post itself runs counter to most of what he is advising (And counter to quite a few self-evident truths) it is difficult to take it as something other than a poor attempt at irony or satire.
  23. #619202013-08-02 14:24:03Kirn said:

    @VivoDePyre ah, well there you go, you have some suggestions that might work. I have to say, that I am the one that may give the idea, but I myself have no idea how to implement it, mainly 'cause I don't really know of any good examples to follow, like the clubs you describe - never had any experience in those. You, however, do know about those things, so now we have your suggestion on this idea.

    Now, if the Warlock, as our admins who is also the one deciding where we have to go as a community, would decide to have this, he would be able to take your idea and task some of the mods with it. In mod applications where was a question about if they are ready to start projects and such, so they sure should be able to work on that. Especially since we really do not have that many rule-breakers to ban. In the end we would receive activity that would be staff-approved and would generate positive content.

    Naturally, if anything, it would be damn hard to keep discussions up, 'cause not many people would be interested right away, but that would still be a pretext for people to invite more serious friends here. As I said, we already have a good content here, so we surely can expand on it and bring that change to the site.

  24. #619212013-08-02 14:25:34Cloud-VK said:

    But that's just what CL has developed into. That's what the majority of users are now just comfortable with.

    And so your just seeking other people who fit it to that set.

  25. #619222013-08-02 14:27:59SENsei said:

    Because what CL needs more of is elitism..

    I can't tell if this is sarcasm or not. Because more elitism is exactly what CL needs, so much so it feels to be the epitome of logic that you'd suggest this, but the rest of your post feels counter-argumentative to that.

    Puzzling. Truly puzzling.

  26. #619232013-08-02 14:28:24VivoDePyre said:

    It's actually not too hard to keep the conversation up. The hard part is getting people to take 1-2 hours out of their week to watch and discuss. Once people get into the habit of it, it's a lot easier. I'm currently watching a good 6-10 hours of film each and another 5-6 discussing it every week in class. I know everybody has the potential to talk and discuss, just need to form habits for it.

  27. #619242013-08-02 14:40:39DarkChaplain said:

    @VivoDePyre @Kirn

    I admit, I like this "game/book/chapter/manga/movie of the week" theme. I really do. However, I cannot see that working with CL.

    People here are notoriously unwilling to spend money on things like books or games. Heck, I know exactly how people react to the idea of PAYING for a bunch of games, even if its just a dollar for the whole bunch. I've tried to get a Blood Bowl League going.
    Awesomenauts, as it is cheap, easy to get into and have fun with, and won't drag on too much per match, was another suggestion I put up. Guess how many people actually picked it up, stuck with it or tried playing with other CL users so far.
    More than likely just me and @Paratoxical.

    If one can't even expect the users to read each other's stories on a writing project, and give short feedback on the stories, how can one even remotely expect them to stick with reading or watch deadlines?

    As much as I want to believe that once it gains some traction, it will work out for the better, I feel that the users of CL are absolutely bad at starting things, and seeing them through. Heck, I'm not excluded from that statement.

    As a staff member, I can tell you that projects are definitely on our list, and will become more prominent in the near future, if things work out. We are currently sorting out the Moderator Applications, and as Kirn already mentioned, one point of those was checking who would be up for creating projects and taking care of them.

    I, personally, am currently thinking about the follow-up CL Writing Project, and the only reason it is not all that high on my priority list is because of the lacking feedback on the last round. I've got ideas and solutions to some issues, but without participation, it is going to fail.

    We were also having some Movie Nights this year, and I felt like people wanted more of those. We've since gotten a CL channel for livestreaming, which staff members and trusted regulars may get access to. As of yet, there hasn't been anything big happening with the channel, though. Still, the infrastructure is there, and there are very good, free and simple streaming tools available (OBS), which people can use.

    **There's more that staff and myself have been considering, but most of these projects depend on user contributions and feedback. **

  28. #619262013-08-02 14:57:32VivoDePyre said:


    I agree with your post and I think it boils down to one big element. CL is sorta dead. Some of us die hard regulars hang around, but very few of us. A few dedicated people doesn't make a community. I think your writing contest was a great idea. I think the deadlines and what not were fair. However, I hate writing narrative and only signed up because I figured I needed to. Not a lot of a good I did anyways, I didn't turn in anything and completely forgot to critique due to final papers.

    I digress. The point is, our community is too inactive to warrant starting any projects. There is a bare minimum number of people needed to have an active discussion thread, and we can just barely meet that. We need to have fresh blood flowing into the site some how before we can be more involved content. I think the priorities should look something a bit like this:

    *Stabilize staff applications *Polish site content to look more coherent (inviting welcome banner, clean up some junk threads, etc) *Start/plan a few projects and discussions that can be easily joined into *Begin recruiting people from other discussion groups (While abiding by said group rules!) *Accept the colorless is going to change because the current dynamic is determined the current group. *Work on improving content and discussion

    I think it's important that, by the time we start recruiting again, we show our capacity for higher thought. However, subdividing our tiny community may be a bad idea. We can start asking users to improve their content after we have enough users to support content improvement. Until then, we hang tight and wait for the new staff to be ushered in.

  29. #619282013-08-02 15:05:19DarkChaplain said:

    I think it's important that, by the time we start recruiting again, we show our capacity for higher thought.

    I absolutely agree with that. We need to be attractive enough for people to take interest and stick around, and, hopefully, contribute.
    I think I've been saying it a few times before, but I'd be totally in for a good purge of shit threads on the forum, and re-creating those which had an interesting point, but shitty execution.
    And, to be frank, the tags need to be overhauled or replaced. They simply do not work with our community as-is. It might have worked if there was a good Tag auto-complete feature, based on popular/existing threads, but even then, tags are for refining a search, not replace boards and categories. And let's be honest, our site search sucks.

    We need to bring more structure to the board, and desperately.

  30. #619422013-08-02 16:53:01Cenica said:

    The main problem with planning any weekly event would be hoping that people follow through. Especially here on CL. And at the moment I don't think there's really enough people who are active on CL to make the clubs too specified. (Mainly meaning I don't think there'd be a ton of members in the individual clubs.)
    Maybe if you made a general anime watching club and had people vote on what anime to watch. Problem with that would be people who weren't interested in that particular anime would probably sit that round out and you'd have to give them notice when you were moving on to a different series.
    A movie night probably wouldn't be difficult to do if you had someone who was willing to keep the thing going. Or even if you had people switching off on who was hosting the thing. That'd give some people a break.
    Again though the main problem I think with hosting weekly events is keeping up the schedule. It's a habit that has to be started and it will probably be rough terrain at first til the habit takes hold.
    Personally I'd love a book club. But I also don't want to be the one who has to deal with hosting it and as far as chatting I think it'd be difficult to do on CL live chat. So you'd probably have to find somewhere else for discussion.

  31. #619572013-08-02 18:24:22--Jack-- said:

    I think we could attract more attention and give users a willingness to stay if we added more expression forms in popular threads. More artistic efforts like in the Server-Kun Voting, more video-based projects like the AMV contest of waybackwhen, and like the writing anthology. More threads that are free-input will attract users, but like DC had stated, the problem of getting participation still remains. You'd think badges would be enough (Like in the anthology), but apparently not. The Ideas I have are just for threads, like a poetry contest, or a video contest (That isn't AMVs).

  32. #619762013-08-02 20:33:14Trev said:

    Everyone wants a better community, but elitism and community rejection of the "unworthy" isn't the answer.

    If you want intelligent people to stick around and dumb people to leave, build an intelligent community. Invite intelligent people.

  33. #619882013-08-02 23:27:09momo said:


    Make a goddamned intelligent thread, not bullshit fodder like metathreads usually garner. You know how to make them Kirn, I have seen you make a fair few.

    I am quite wary of more elitism in this community. Claiming that certain users aren't "good enough" for your community is hardly a way to keep a constant stream of fresh blood that this forum so desperately needs.

    Finally, there is nothing wrong with threads about LoL or whatever game/anime/etc. These spur discussion, which is a huge drawing point for keeping people interested in a community. Even long standing users will leave if they believe the content is not to their liking.

    ps maybe people would be more receptive of your ideas if you weren't so backhanded in your compliments of the users/threads of the site, and spent great deal more energy on your good threads as opposed to pissing people off in their threads and with metafaggotry

  34. #619972013-08-03 02:35:34SENsei said:

    So we're all in agreement that more elitism is needed, right? Good talk, guys. Nice to know we were all on the same page there.

  35. #620042013-08-03 05:46:32Decae said:

    I hope everyone's joking with the "more elitism" shit. I really do.

    I can't stand the elitist mindset; I have no idea why I go back to this website honestly. Here, the replies to dumb posts are not intellectual, but they are insults. Maybe if all of you want an intellectual community, you should start wising up and maybe show a little bit of maturity in the way you treat dumbasses around here. Maybe you should think "Hey, they made a stupid post: maybe I should politely tell them how to improve their posts rather than acting like an asshole and hoping they'll learn their lesson". If they continue acting like idiot children, by all means, scold them. But it really seems like the default response to ANY sort of stupidity is just hostility, and that's really pathetic.

    Not all intellectuals are elitist, by the way. I'm sure many frown upon the mockery of actual people (no matter how stupid) over the internet.

    Just my two cents.

  36. #620062013-08-03 06:40:38 *Mau said:
    You want a more intelligent community? The whole "kill an idiot" route isn't going to help.
    If we want a decent community we need to change our approach, the elitism way is only going to keep things the way they are, which is keeping this community treading the slightly active line, and keeping it from being a blooming community that's inviting to intellectual conversation, as well as fun.

    What Kosuke said rings true, especially the part where she says she's actually afraid to post her own opinion here. Which is a BIG PROBLEM.
    We have intelligent people here, but the problem is the air of this community sometimes feels harsh and unwelcoming to opinions, how can we have an intelligent community if people are too insecure and even afraid to post anything because they might be attacked for just stating an opinion or their feelings?
    How can we have any kind of "community" with that kind of environment?
    We could invite all the people we perceive as intelligent here, but how many would be driven off by the more hostile users? For having an opinion or for making a mistake? For being careless?

    Repeat offenders? Actual Assholes? Yes, scold them by all means they deserve it, but the way things are now, we scare off bad users, as well as potentially good ones with this elitism approach.

    In short: Who wants to invite people to a community where it's still okay to be abusive to other users? Even the "intellectuals" would be turned off and would head for the door if they witnessed this treatment of other new (and sometimes old) users. We also have a big problem if people are too scared or feel insecure posting their opinions because they may be treated like crap if they do.