gibe monies plz!

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  1. Problem is resolved :D

    #622011-12-25 08:42:28 *Settsuo-kun said:

    I figured something like this was coming, had a good feeling.

    Anyway, I do have a few questions. <--- Edit: I messed this up as well only one question was asked...

    Is it normal to have an account that's valid, but can't view profile information. I just input my normal info like on the old colorless, and bam logged in no problems. Clicked profile got the big 404.


    Also great job with the new site design.

  2. #672011-12-25 08:45:48 *someone said:

    I've found that everyone that has a hyphen on their name (evii-chii, neko-chan, you) will have 404'd profiles.

    I'm quite sure it'll be patched up quickly since I'm guessing it's an encoding error of some sort.

  3. #702011-12-25 08:51:33Neko-Chan said:

    @someone I assume neko-tan is me. I was told to Pm @Gargron about this so I did. I am unsure of the reason but at least someone has been notified.

    So @Gargron mind posting here or sending out some pm's when it is resolved? Thank you.

  4. #712011-12-25 08:53:11someone said:

    whoops, my bad.

    Also, garg works with the code, and he's had stuff like this happen on him before, so he should know what to do.