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  1. Knite

    #621512013-08-05 06:12:14Chestnut_Rice said:

    I rewrote the opening post a bunch of times, trying to explain what this comic series is about in a very poetic way but I guess I'll just give it to you straight.

    It's about a Chinese boy who doesn't have any hopes and dreams, so decides to spend his nights flying strings of lights attached to kites under the clouds of pollution that block out the stars. It sounds stupid only because it is, but the art is amazing and the questions about what's right and wrong it raises are very interesting. Most unique of all, the whole thing is presented in a convenient flash format.

    I'd highly suggest you read it. The comic is written by a (IIRC) Chinese-born woman and brings a whole different perspective on China that's not focused on their seemingly miraculous economic growth and instead shows the other side of the coin: horrific pollution and moral degradation.

    There's honestly not much about the comic that could be discussed, imo. So, I will pose a question that's highly related: do you think the United States and the rest of the developed world has a right to speak out against how China handles its own environment? The skies in London, Paris, Berlin and New York probably looked the same as the ones above China right now during the Industrial Revolution. Why should the Western world get a free pass to development while China has to mind the environment when its their turn?

  2. #621862013-08-05 19:37:12 *--Jack-- said:

    The art is fantastic, and I don't mind the story premise. It's original and working well. The webcomic style is really convenient too. Gotta love that dystopia