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Parent: What are you reading?

  1. #622262013-08-06 13:14:46johan_5179 said:

    The End of the Third Reich by V.I. Chuikov

    Chuikov was present at the last days of the Third Reich and tells the tale. "In the closing stages of the war, the 8th Army spearheaded the Soviet's main effort. It took part in the liberation of Poland, crashed through a series of formidable German defense lines on the eastern approaches to Berlin, and finally stormed the capital of Nazi Germany. This book describes the closing of the war in vivid detail.

    Vasili Chuikov was the field commander of the 8th Guards Army, and later the Supreme Commander of Soviet Land Forces.

    I have read about 50 pages up till now, and while I must say that the book is greatly detailed, I find that what I read here is not consistent with what I have read before, namely the strength of the German lines in Russia. My previous read, 'Memoirs of Albert Speer' told me that by 1944 German lines in the east were nearly incapable of functioning the way Chuikov says they were since weapon production was hit hard around this time due to allied air strikes and everyone knew there was a huge Allied offensive coming up West. Yet Chuikov presents a very robust and cunning opponent which did not need commands from their higher-ups since 'the German soldiers, fearing retribution, fought with fanatical determination and stubbornness'. I do not wish to call BS since I have not read the entire book, but this does not tally with what I read earlier, and Chuikov is a military man writing inside the Soviet Union. (Book published in 1965, I have the edition printed in 1985)

    Still, great detailing w.r.t. tactics, and it has been an enjoyable read so far. I'll write more about what I think once I'm done.