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The New CL Mincecraft Server

  1. #633462013-09-06 11:52:07Lycan said:

    @Toku I'm sorry I accidentally broke a sign at your little water fountain thing. I put it back but I don't know what it said :c

  2. #634962013-09-10 23:50:10 *--Jack-- said:

    I'm making a Fallout 3 style Vault near the spawn point (Spawnstown). It's still fairly early into the project, but you can come play with the door.

    Better living...underground!

    Just look for the flaming hillside.

  3. #637042013-09-18 20:07:05Wolfangle said:

    Added, but you do realize that the sever will be shut down at the end of the month. Ill try to revive it later in the year, of course. But as of right now, it's not as active enough to be kept up.

  4. #637232013-09-19 02:11:20Toku said:

    So no way to get a smaller server up and going? We need space for maybe a whole 12 people, if that. I've not been on, with real life issues and my freakish obsession with getting the perfect Tali relationship storyline completed in Mass Effect 3, but I did start something on the site and though I won't work on it now with the server shut down and all I definitely plan on making it Icaria's center in whatever server pops up.