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CL Literature 2.0

  1. #663822013-11-20 16:54:14Rinneko said:

    bubbly, jolly
    loved, desired, needed
    rare, elusive, costly, enlightening

    Gave it a quick shot.
  2. #672762013-12-14 03:01:41--Jack-- said:

    Walking slowly, empty, lowly

    Marching on into the same

    I see stone walls

    Along this hall

    Where bleeding calls

    Upon thy name

    Skies are grey and flow so slow

    Make me regret it all in all

    Forward marching on in step

    Nothing in worth from whence I came

    Light burning, slight and slurring

    In the eye of my domain

    I see a spark, so loudly spurring

    Out throughout the distant hall

    My feet move, slow but steady

    Light warms me so, and fate's new call

  3. #674452013-12-19 10:40:37 *Kip said:


    The room is tight. It suffocates you. Ceramic and marble press in close, grabbing you, squeezing your body in its grasp.

    Your tongue dances behind your lips, bitter and dry. Teeth sink into your bottom lip, gnawing at the chapped skin, pulling it, reddening the edges. Your lipids scream at you, and you scream back. The air feels thick and heavy, and you struggle to breathe. It is impossible to catch your breath.

    You are wandering.




    Bone and skin meet, but you know it is not enough.

    Your stomach knots while ribbons of red flutter before you. Yellows and pinks fall to the floor, and suddenly the room is colder.

    No. You are colder.

    You imagine hourglasses and clocks. You imagine beautiful fields of gold, and baron fields of death. Infinite and definite. You envy the former of each while you trap your legs beneath you, denying the small pit inside of you its recompense while your body burns and your jaw slacks. You can feel invisible hands of the monster that follows you, clutching your shoulders and arms. You imagine it looks like a spider, stringing its web around you, grabbing you with eight arms, sinking its fangs into your frame. Silk runs down your cheeks and pools into your lap.

    You drag yourself into a room full of mirrors and mistakes. Voices laugh and shout at you, glass reflecting images of protrusions and extremities. The reflections warp and twist, and you’re unable to look away as skin stretches and flakes and rips in front of you. Your hands ache but you still reach out. Your nails are clipped passed the skin, and you manage to grab hold of everything you detest, stabbing the small stubs into it. You crush it in your grip, yet it remains. You claw at it with dulled nails, yet it is left unscathed. You throw your fists at it, bite it, scream at it, and it bounces back into position.

    You turn your head away and coil on the floor, embracing yourself. You are defeated. You will never overcome your enemy. You will never win…

    You allow the monstrous spider to crawl over you, salivating over your weak figure knowing it has won. It drains what remains left of your being, and you soon fall into a state of unconsciousness.

    You will do this again the next day. And the next.

    And the next.

    And you will continue this until you die.

  4. #686192014-01-15 18:36:41Cenica said:

    This is something I wrote about a year ago when a little girl near my hometown went missing. I believe they discovered her body a little time later. I called it Lost Girl.

    A clap of lightning splits the sky,
    Everyone turns their head,
    Now they look to the darkness that's been slowly creeping,
    And all are filled with dread,
    The morning sun is now missing,
    The brightness has all gone,
    It's now that people realize,
    "There is something wrong",
    There was a child once,
    A girl 9 years of age,
    With corn silk hair,
    And her innocent mind a stage,
    She dreamed bright,
    A place made just for her,
    Of sparkles and warm sunlight,
    Where flowers never fade,
    She dreamed of singing,
    With a voice of pride and beauty,
    Wanting others to see her,
    Wishing for smiles and warm eyes,
    A childhood should be full of warmth,
    A place where magic lives,
    Forever is a long time,
    And life can only give,
    But a cry is heard,
    And the furies raise their heads,
    At the rumble of encroaching thunder,
    There's something forming up ahead,
    A child has gone missing,
    An innocent cocoon,
    Wandered into darkness,
    And she won't be returning home,
    And the flowers have all faded,
    The furies call for blood,
    A voice is lost in darkness,
    And sorrow answers dread.

  5. #702092014-02-18 06:17:57NidTheBard said:

    There once was a man from Nantucket Who had a very large, wooden Bucket He dropped it in the Well, and said, "Oh well, I guess I go home and fap alone instead."

    Thank you.

  6. #702452014-02-19 06:13:57squareof3 said:

    I just thought I'd share this. I wrote it while I was on my trip in Japan, I saw this woman and by the gods she was beautiful.

    I saw her walking through the garden. The leaves on the trees were guilder with gold and the ground seemed to be set ablaze by the red and orange leaves. Here she was walking among this beautiful fire. The sun reflected from her hair like lightning, even the Earth showed her reverence. As she walked her feet never came down to meet the ground rather the ground lifted itself to kiss the soles of her feet, the air parted breathlessly for her. She walked with the grace, confidence, and beauty of a goddess, it was almost as if she were, and I had no right to be beholding her splendidness.

  7. #737492014-04-22 04:19:36Rebel said:

    Up in the sky they look so close together,
    but millions of miles apart they stay forever.
    Someday there'll reach at least that's what they believe,
    but loneliness and darkness is all there'll receive.

    Messages they send on asteroids in space,
    of feelings that are instant but that's not the case.
    Cause these asteroids take forever,an eternity it may seem,
    so from time to time they both might think it's all but just a dream.

    At moments they felt unloved and would never be missed,
    so they sometimes decided to become a black hole and die an abyss.
    But whenever that happens a message always reaches in time,
    and on that messages it reads "I love you, your always on my mind."

    They always stopped before acting and write another letter,
    because they know someone out there wants to keep each other.
    They will never see each other but that isn't important to them both,
    cause they know just having someone who loves you takes away all your hurt.

    Hmmm they're both lucky but what about me,
    I'm but just a boy sitting in the shade of a tree,
    looking up at the stars and enjoying there beauty,
    and only noticing the stars for what I see.

    No one sees hurt in them and they don't see any pain,
    but why am I the only one with this insane thought in my brain.
    Maybe cause I'm just like them, no one sees my pain I endure everyday,
    they all just see a worthless kid drawing and wasting his life away.

    I don't have anyone to leach out too when am at the edge of a cliff
    but whenever I'm standing there my mind always seems to suddenly drift,
    drifts into these words "it gets better."
    and I remember some others like "there's always a rainbow after bad weather.

    So I say I'm an artist left alone in the dark,
    drawing out of passion , drawing from my heart.
    I would never put the pencil down for anyone out there,
    cause drawing is my life , its the oxygen in my air. Rebel the awesome

  8. #746532014-05-02 10:29:30 *Rebel said:

    Why We Fight
    by {insert name} aka Rebel
    Heavy breathing, gums bleeding.
    Hands are all bruised, we've got nothing to lose.
    Feet are both shaking, our bodies are aching.
    Ice cold stare, there's no humans present here.

    Emotions tossed from the left with failed hopes and dreams.
    Then memories from the right, of the past it may seem.
    I've connected with his pains and struggles.
    I've felt all his worries and his unsolved troubles.

    This one's for his boss 'The demon' and his co-worker 'The imp',
    For over working, bullying and calling him a wimp.
    This one's for his unpaid bills and that impatient land lord,
    because he's been tricked into a service plan,
    and why can't they fix that hole in the floor board.

    His mind clams a bit as a smiles slowly appear.
    "I'm sure that One hurt," "nah bro have no fear."
    His hands held high guarding all his passions and pride.
    while my hands are like a shop sign saying 'please come inside'.

    An emotional strike sure to connect,
    but easily parried and for that he'll regret.
    Because I've got a life no different from his own.
    We've both grown up poor in a separate broken home.

    The parry came from the outside somewhere he never expected.
    And with it my love life reached him, and he felt it.
    Then a quick kick because I favor my foot,
    I've got decent strong fist but my feet's are really hoofs.

    This is for the one that I've loved,
    I shouted in my mind.
    If I wasn't so blinded and stupid,
    you would of still me mine.
    I've abandoned you that day and now i'm paying the cost,
    they 'say you never really know what you have until it's lost.'

    Then as my hoof connected, It stunned him but not much.
    Because what my foot carried, he was for a moment touched,
    My memories and pain had all rushed to him,
    of scars and tears, and the life We've been given.
    He felt so much but isn't sad,
    he's should be sobbing but instead glad.
    He now knows he's now fighting alone.
    He now knows he's not alone walking that lonely road.

    Both him and I are waiting on one last gust to fall....
    One last wind to blow and the winner will make his call....

    Light Breathing, sore gums.
    hands both bandaged, we've got a life to manage.
    feet's seated, our bodies rested.
    loud Warm laughter, Human's cheerful banter.

  9. #763982014-05-22 02:20:44Rebel said:

    Stop dying, Start Living

    Wake up, stand up,
    start moving, do something,
    do anything, try anything,
    for fuck sake stop being dead,
    you're alive, you're Breathing,
    you have no disabilities, you have no worries,
    you have no stress, you're fucking lazy,
    you're fucking wasting potential, you're fucking wasting time,
    You're a Fucking Disappointment,


    then die if you want to be dead,
    take that knife and cut your wrist and,
    watch all those memories spill out from your veins and,
    be the failure you've become,
    take that leap from the highest height,
    from which you know would do the job,
    yea let the job be done for you,
    you lazy fuck,

    Take those pills, And watch as your body,
    Fight to keep your eyes from closing,
    Its fighting to keep you from sinking into the darkness,
    It wants you to see the light,
    To see the many possibilities you can become,
    But you're too fucking idiotic to notice,
    As you give into the dark,
    And close your eyes and give up on
    Your life so many would trade for in a heartbeat....
    No.. don't tell me I don't know your struggles,
    Or I don't know your pain or heartbreak...

    No more excuses..

    Shut the fuck up, I know everything..


    Because I AM YOU

  10. #763992014-05-22 03:01:56Rebel said:

    Rebellious, Rebelling,
    Revolting, Revolutionizing, Recreation,
    Remains, Resurrecting, Rights, Remembrance,

  11. #777582014-06-08 04:49:19Rebel said:

    What Made Me Who I Am
    by {insert name} aka Rebel
    Looking back on my past,
    And all the shit I've done,
    Fuck! I'm so glad of what I've become.

    I used to be ignored and treated like dirt,
    I was always the short spoon, the easiest person to hurt,
    I was picked on and I never fought back,
    I was never liked and that was a fact.
    The ugliest weird boy all the girls never liked,
    The weakest kid to pick on cause I never knew how to fight.
    Shamed and embarrassed on many occasions,
    Afraid of the out doors, so i stayed home and played my play-station.
    I never listen to the kinds of music others listen to.
    I just never liked hearing a chorus saying 'FUCK YOU'

    I was always alone so I acted sorely for attention,
    But all that failed and I ended up with rejection.
    I love to see my friends with smile on their faces,
    I hanged out with everyone, I never cared about races.

    I never knew my family, they were more like strangers,
    My father was never there to teach me how to deal with certain situations.
    My Biggest brother was our family's biggest blow,
    Fucking kleptomaniac everywhere he go.

    I've made so many mistakes that I really regret,
    Some are about girls that aren't quite over yet.
    I'd gained and lost friends during those past years,
    Some lost by death that brought me to tears.

    I've moved so much I lost myself somewhere along the way,
    But without all those adventures I wouldn't be who I am today
    I've wasted 5 years of my life listening to rejects in-front of a blackboard,
    to realize all I needed was a pencil and paper for when i got bored.

    When I was 16 I felt like sleeping and never waken up,
    Cause at the moment everything felt so fucking corrupt.
    But something stopped me and I can't really remember what,
    I still feel that way but something's telling me to never give up .

    It whispers

    "Take life seriously, treat others equally.
    Always act with integrity, when someone shows their stupidity,
    Demand to be respected respectfully, work hard obviously,
    Care for family lovingly, Speak up and out with honestly.
    Face your failures directly, You'll overcome them eventually,
    Live your life being free, And you can become anything you want to be"

    (Too be Continued.....)

  12. #779132014-06-10 10:49:28wiltingsoul said:

    A cold heart yearns for the heat of a flame now long ago extinguished

    Reflection on past wrong doings make it shutter with regret

    Yet even in this state of depressive desire it bears a glimmer of hope

    Hope for what though I can not say-

  13. #815122014-08-11 23:26:59Rebel said:

    Life's a Race by {insert name} aka Rebel

    Feel the beat beneath your feet,
    Burn fearlessly with all the heat.
    Feel the Wind flow through your hair,
    Spark your light and release your flare.
    Feel the sweat race cross your face,
    Not slowing down increase the pace.

    Ignore the sounds as you go by,
    stretch out your arms and reach the sky,
    With every breath let out a roar,
    fulled with emotions behind closed doors.
    Embrace the life that you've been given,
    Enjoy every moment that you're still living.

    Be Alive and be a Loved,
    Don't be down be above.
    Never lose sight of what makes you truly happy,
    Be yourself even if this may sound a bit shabby.
    Empty your water falls, unclog your dams,
    Mend your wounds, Don't pick old scabs.

    Be free be awake,
    Have no fear, take no breaks
    Feel the beat, feel the wind
    feel the sweat, let them in
    Feel the happiness and feel glad,
    To express your emotions and
    Never feel sad,

    Live to the the fullest, have no regrets
    Remember these words never forget

    Be free be awake,
    Have no fear, take no breaks
    Feel the beat, feel the wind
    Feel the sweat, let them in

    Be free Be awake live to the fullest, never take no breaks

    Race to the beat, embrace the wind
    endure the sweat, and When life's over you will WIN

  14. #864832015-01-19 09:34:15squareof3 said:

    I remember you i remember the night we first met and how you encompassed by being, how your eyes held the very solar systems inside them. In you I was sure I could find the truth that links us all together, simply and inescapably. I remember the countless hours we wasted on the phone talking bout everything and nothing, and how all those clichés seemed to hold truth. I remember the first "I love you" I remember the last "Im sorry" I remember the final "Goodbye" Yes I remember all the things you said, all the things you promised were untrue. Yes, I remember you.

  15. #864842015-01-19 10:57:45 *Lieutenant said:

    "I will make sure you'll die soon." A hint of radiance appeared in the her eyes, putting back her stiletto in place; alongside her left thigh.

    "What you're doing? I thought you're gonna kill me." the man tittered. He puts both arms on his waist, tilting his head back and forth.

    "Shut up, you don't know what I can do to ki—" it was as if the time flew as a speed of light when suddenly the man was right in front of her, laying his right index finger on her forehead, before she could even finish her own words.

    "I'm an entertainer, I make people laugh. Surely you wouldn't want to kill an eminent guy like me or I'll make you laugh to death."

    She could swore to her oath that she heard a laughing tone coming from him but surprisingly enough, he was just smiling, he didn't move his lips to laugh, there was something peculiar about him, something dominant about him, even though she was pretty sure she heard a loud, echoed laughter from his presence.

    Suddenly, something about the world began to change, it's the same feeling when someone's on drugs. The alter seemed to consume her from the top to the bottom, making her swallowing something foreign, something she hadn't taken in her before.

    It was the feeling of hilarious, where something deep inside her was about to burst out, a demon that had stayed silence all of this time. She thought she was seeing colours, dancing around her as if it'll swallow her up into some other unknown universe. She was also certain that there's something struggling inside of her that was trying to make its way out through her throat, almost close to get herself vomit.

    Until she realized she wasn't in the reality.

    "Damn you!" she escaped the reverie and swatted the man's hand aside, "What have you done?!"

    "Wow." he ignored her question, "How did you do that?" beads of sweat started to formed on the man's forehead.

    "You didn't even answer my question yet!"

    "Easy there, stop yelling will you? For your information, I got ears." he said sarcastically and showed her both of his ears.

    "Whatever you did just now, don't even think about doing it again!" quickly she left the place, leaving him alone standing in the woods.

    When silence struck, he thought for a while. It was impossible for someone to escape his hallucinations. He was aware that his magic was being pushed by an authoritative aura just now.

    Odd, he thought, what kind of aura was that just now?

  16. #867632015-01-26 11:52:12CQKumber said:

    There was a boy who met a girl, he saw in her a friend.

    But she saw in him something else; she saw means to an end.

    She showered him with empty praise, fluttering her eyes.

    He couldn't see she loved him not; she saw only a prize.

    The boy was ever so naive; he fell for her, not knowing...

    That she'd had oh so many loves, and most were still ongoing.

  17. #888982015-04-21 08:29:52Quintessential said:

    Sky, blue, endless, soft, and serene,

    A white persian cat, cuddly, loving, and clean,

    Burnt to a crisp, ignited with a can of gasoline.

    (I was like 8-9 When I wrote this lolz)