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CL Literature 2.0

  1. #895922015-05-09 00:43:57Rebel said:

    I've fallen in love

    by Rebel aka JMO

    I have fallen in love with literature,
    Never seen her face but I can picture her.
    And whenever I read into her eyes, they capture me holding me hypnotized.
    And with every word I sympathize, with all of her journeys, I feel more alive.

    I've stayed up most nights because of her,
    No words are spoken under her cover.
    But I can still hear her words,
    in dialogues between my ears.
    Full with so much pain it hurts,
    and beautiful moments bringing me to tears...

    She's loyal but can be hurtful,
    She can be complex and also simple.
    She can play games, tricks and tease,
    She's what I want and what I need.

    I've fallen in love with literature,
    Never seen her before but I still love her.
    The infinite possibilities that she may take me,
    It's never about destination, it's always about the journey.

  2. #919042015-09-04 19:49:46Rebel said:

    Wild For a Night

    by: Rebel aka JMO
    Aye Lil lady have you forgotten me,
    I've been singing all night under a dying tree.
    Climb down from your castle, your dragons have been tamed,
    Let's fly across continents and let our souls be named.
    The stars will keep our secrets forever till they die.
    No one will ever know of our minds when they ran wild.
    Scream atop the highest mountain, of all your pain and grief.
    Listen to your echo and set your mind at peace.
    Dance with all the raindrops, Let your sweat be unseen,
    Sing like dying winter, disappearing like a dream.
    The moon will tell us stories, of all the lovers that stole it's glow,
    But we will burn like fire and lay destruction it has yet to know.
    We'll disappear and reappear like the lighting bugs tonight,
    And put aside all of our fears and paint our hearts with light.
    Let's look at all robots and laugh at all their quirks,
    So perfectly engineered to work right to the dirt.
    The pain they all endure for reasons that aren't logical,
    But our minds are cured, by answers that aren't even philosophical.
    This dark freedom will soon end and that's our reality,
    By the captivity of light, that hides all serenity.

  3. #919152015-09-05 06:31:25Anweira said:

    Out of practice and impromptu, I dearly hope this won't bore you. - -'

    Full Moon, Fair

    Alone she sat
    With a full moon, fair
    Glittering gently
    Upon her hair

    Whispers swept by
    Carried through air
    Sweet temptations
    Lingering there

    To her feet
    She swiftly rose
    Her limbs flickering
    From poise to pose

    Whispers swept by
    Carried through air
    Sweet temptations
    Lingering there

    Alone she danced
    Through a moonlit night
    A full moon, fair
    Glittered gently
    Upon her hair

  4. #939532015-11-14 04:13:59Candytenshi said:

    You are ineffable.

    You stand out in the crowd--the lone, bright red flower amidst a field of blacks and whites. Gentle yet striking, an immutable force keeping me sane and grounded.

    You breeze through hailstorm with a graceful sway only your litheness can produce, so ephemeral that I am always dying to capture you in a photograph.

    You blind me with iridescent colors, most of them nameless in my hazy memories, and I am permeated with an epiphany that you are too beautiful and enigmatic to be anything more than a phantom of my mind.

    And that you are.


    That probably did not make sense. Just as I intended.

  5. #940042015-11-14 15:55:44 *Zyxx23 said:

    In doubt a man sees both truth and lie

    In there a man thinks for ways to survive

    Survive the options laid in full

    The full on consequence and major rules

    With those he ponders and eventually decide

    But will it be right?

    If not..... he dies......

    (Just clearing out my head :V)

  6. #953772015-12-12 00:10:24Koushiro said:


    The busying lights all flicker.

    Down the streets, they get busyer.

    Green, yellow and red, they all become brighter.

    Amongst the dew and clouds, that started getting darker.


    Ominous clouds start appearing.

    People in the crowd began dispersing.

    As the dark clouds began pouring.

    The colors didnt stop dancing.


    And so the colors didnt stop flashing.

    All you can hear are people running.

    There! You heard a loud crash, but it didnt stop raining.

    Then amongst the flickering colors, you can hear then crying.

  7. #966252015-12-30 16:22:02 *Zyxx23 said:


    In monochromatic black and white

    A single strand of gray blends

    Going unnoticed in streaks of black

    Goes around and avoids bright white

    Then later on melds and disappears

    In a monochromatic path of life

    The gray becomes nothing but background to black and white

  8. #1001642016-03-09 19:42:14Rebel said:

    To Leeza

    by: Rebel aka JMO

    First off you're perfect,
    secondly you're worth it,
    Never let no one doubt you,
    You're not worthless, it ain't true.
    Just listen to my words,
    Pay attention to this verse.

    (eh hem)

    Breathtaking , is when your smile stretches from your face to the moon.

    Strong, is you with scars of a broken soul mending back into bloom.

    Amazing, is when your laugh breaks all insecurities to show your true beauty.

    Joy, is not for selected individuals, it's waiting for you, you'll see.

    Stunning, is the breeze flowing through the curls of your hair.

    Awesome, the feats you can do, compared to other girls, it's not fair.

    Beauty, is the dimple when you smile,
    the twinkle in your eyes,
    the brightness of your teeth,
    your attitude so wild.

    Will, is defined as you gently live your life everyday hurting, searching, longing for completion of your soul, not knowing, when and where it would be fulfilled with another.

    Love, is a risk, a chance we take, a leap of faith, a bet we place our most venerable being with the other.

    Love, is the knowing of loneliness while being surrounded in a crowd. Love, are those sleepless nights screaming eternally out loud.

    Love isn't what you want, but what you need.
    Love, is a heart wound that doesn't bleed.

    Love, is not the oxygen in the air, Yes to breath it in, not to let it out to disappear.

    Happy, is the drying up of tears, the driving away of fears, the presences that someone cares,

    Comfort, is what this poet offers to this breathtaking, strong, amazing, joyful, stunning, awesome, beauty. And to let her know that there is someone who is willing to make her feel loved and happy.

  9. #1001992016-03-10 16:57:40Enami said:

    The Spell Is No More

    You open your eyes to find nothing the same

    There's only yourself to blame

    They said ignorance is bliss

    And you didn't wish for this

    The spell is no more

    The smile you once wore

    Faded away along with your light

    You thought it was alright

    But the spell is no more

    The colors were long gone

    You reach for the lies

    Yet you can't disguise

    That distortion with a facade

    Your self is too flawed

    There's nowhere to hide

    You wish your voices died

    Deadly dreams, flooding your head

    Heartwrenching screams, your heart bled

    You wanna be free

    Yet you can't flee

    There's no going back

    The abyss is pitch black

  10. #1013672016-04-17 13:41:44 *Rinneko said:

    NaPoWriMo is currently ongoing!


    National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo) is the poetry (duh) counterpart to the famous National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). It's held in April, which we're already halfway through.

    It's never too late to start! Just refer to its site for daily prompts, and get writing. If you're looking to spice up your everyday, this is it.

  11. #1027692016-05-20 16:50:09 *ID_Tuner said:

    Running from war running from his past into the future which is wide and vast

    Bewildered by scope, bewildered by choice, he takes the gun tosses it as he elopes

    it's cartridge is empty, it's barrel bare, as it falls into the dirt, never again to scare

    the sun rises a new dawn, a new day for a man, whom chose to murder hundreds, then fled as the blood ran.

  12. #1112302017-06-25 07:10:36 *Sheep said:

    My farewell was your foe,

    My presence was your wish,

    And as I came into your view,

    You were filled with bliss.

    Your ecstatic cries ring,

    Your sweet scent settled in,

    My caress was what you longed for,

    As you greeted me by the door.

    Your embrace was so tender,

    Though the thrills you can't contain,

    So you chewed on me playfully,

    And I welcomed it despite the pain.

    Your form may be shamed,

    Your natural beastliness blamed,

    Still I trust you possess something rare,

    A love that cannot be compared.

    「A Dog's Love」

  13. #1149762018-10-24 02:30:35squareof3 said:

    I cant tell my highs from my lows anymore, sometimes I stay up all night just staring at the floor. Remembering how you shook yellin at me for my sins. The look in your eyes like javelins.