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Parent: What are you reading?

  1. #623972013-08-10 09:11:26 *johan_5179 said:


    The Silence of the Lambs by Thomas Harris

    A Gift of Wings by Richard Bach

    Toll for the Brave by Jack Higgins

    I saw that I had been reading too much non-fiction, so I went ahead and picked up the first three novels I found. I have half a Saturday and my entire Sunday to end the remaining books left, seeing that I'm almost done with one.

    I'm almost through with The Silence of the Lambs, and I'm convinced that this is a book best enjoyed once you've seen the movie. The movie is very true to the book, and gives you a face for every character. At the same time, the book has much more of the brilliant dialogue and theorising. I now realise that if I were to ever kidnap a person, I will not be able to kill them by hanging :(

    When you show the odd flash of contextual intelligence, I forget your generation can't read, Clarice.

    Seems like he knows about CL

    Will edit to include the others when I do read them.

  2. #626132013-08-14 11:12:19johan_5179 said:

    A Gift of Wings. This book I love. I picked it up thinking it was a novel, but it turned out to be a short story collection, all of which are connected to flying. The author has ample experience, and reading these stories will tell anyone that he has what every writer needs the most - Passion. This man loves flying, and his stories are exactly to my taste, slow, elaborate pieces which deal with the wonder of everyday life, the everyday life of a pilot in this case.

    Toll for the Brave is your average potboiler. Good to while away the time I had in between classes.