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  1. CL's new Moderators

    #624632013-08-12 03:10:26 *Warlock said:

    @MrTingles, @Chou, and @PureBoredom have been selected as our newest moderators. I welcome them to the team, and I hope that the majority of our members are happy with the selections. This was not an easy decision for staff to make regarding our selections, since we had some very good choices this time around. Thank you to all applicants for participating and putting the effort forth!

    Feel free to discuss and welcome the new mods yo!

  2. #624862013-08-12 08:12:33Kirn said:

    Well, while everyone else congratulates, I will offer my condolences to people selected )). Being moderator is hard work (at least, it's supposed to be) and I do hope you will be able to do it right. Sometimes you may be walking very thin ice, and now there will be people watching for you to make any mistake at all or exploit you in some unseemly way. Oh, and I also will be watching.

    Work hard. Be smart. Be dedicated.