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CL Short Story Project 2.0: Topic Discussion

  1. #628272013-08-21 00:06:27megumi-tan said:

    I like the idea of having a bit of a smaller word limit. Less to work with but less to write which can help you focus more on detail (or at least thats how it works for me). For genres I was going to suggest adding other ones that were not in the poll last time like, folklore, mythology, and narrative nonfiction to the mix, but I doubt any of those would be popular or appealing enough.

    The heroic fantasy genre that was brought up earlier sounds like an interesting choice, though its something I have never written before. Trying new things is good though.

  2. #628332013-08-21 06:33:59Kirn said:

    How about telling the story through a poem?

    Did that two times. It may be harder than just writing a story for people who are not native English speakers. Also, it takes more inspiration to make it really rhyme.

  3. #628342013-08-21 06:41:51MrTingles said:

    Potential theme ideas for people to consider : (I know many of these have been done before, but it would be interesting to see your takes on it)

    • A humorous parody of the swords and sorcery genre.

    • A final encounter with a ferocious mythological beast.

    • A battle between two wandering hero types.

    • The life of a healer during a large-scale war.

    • An encounter with a "hero" through the eyes of a "monster." or "villain".

    • A lone wanderer struggling to survive in the harsh wilderness must face a natural or magical disaster.

    • The tale of a mother who happens to be a warrior.

    • The corruption influencing various guilds in the fantasy world.

    • A tale about a thief attempting to rob a Warrior's Guild convoy

    • the tale of a paladin becoming corrput as he sees the world's true darkness.

    I'm just putting these here to possibly give some ideas to discuss. They may be terrible, but... I just hope it helps a bit.

  4. #628442013-08-21 13:38:19 *Cenica said:

    @MrTingles You mean as story ideas or like everyone writes about the same one? Because I feel like that be kind of droll. Though I really do like these ideas.

  5. #628382013-08-21 09:49:30 *Kirn said:

    @MrTingles those are actually pretty good examples of possible scenarios. Well, except the paladin one - I have seen it too many times both being written about and actually happening. )) Anyhow, this is pretty good reference for people who have not yet decided what they would write about.

  6. #628412013-08-21 12:42:30PigBoss said:

    To be fair, poetry doesn't require rhyme. While it may be shorter in length, it will take more time per word to write (going with a quality over quantity here).

  7. #628432013-08-21 13:04:50Kirn said:

    To be fair, poetry doesn't require rhyme.

    It does. At has to have rhythm and words have to rhyme is at least some way. If it doesn't rhyme it's not poetry, it's an attempt at bullshitting the reader!
    And don't even start on modern poetry or Japanese tanka poems.

  8. #628452013-08-21 13:42:40Cenica said:

    Free verse poetry doesn't really require rhyme but it still requires rhythm. I'm against the idea of doing the story as a poem though. This is a short story event not a short poem. Also poems would make it difficult to change the pace during exciting scenes or somber ones as the rhythm is usually uniform throughout a good poem.
    Anyway I think poems should be saved for a different event. I think it'd stick out too much with all short stories.

  9. #628472013-08-21 13:59:03DarkChaplain said:

    No Poems.

    First off, Poems will undoubtedly come across as more difficult to pull off nicely, especially for non-natives. Secondly, they are so open for interpretation, starting from the style to choice of words and meaning, that really, what is there to give feedback on. Write something outrageous and you'll most likely get a lot of attention, while everybody else is gonna get disregarded.

    Thirdly, poems are short. Much shorter than these stories, at any rate. Hence the output volume of the project will be laughably minimalistic. One could boost the volume by increasing the number of participants, but I think doing poems will more likely alienate a lot of people, due to having a more limited vocabulary and struggling with rhymes etc. Sure, you can write poems that don't rhyme, but there's still need for structure and rythm, which will still be hard to pull off well for a lot of people.

    So take your poems and leave them out of this. It is a short story project. Leave it at that.

  10. #629312013-08-24 21:31:13Taro_Tanako said:

    I like free verse..hate rhyming couplets unless they're done well..still, best avoid all poetry as it's way more subjective than prose

  11. #629322013-08-24 21:45:45 *Cloud-VK said:

    As a different contest altogether, poetry would be fun thing to try. But it doesn't really fit for this discussion.

  12. #629332013-08-24 21:53:30Taro_Tanako said:

    Maybe another project. I think poetry is difficult to judge or appreciate though, much like art it's very much a matter of the audience's appreciation or taste, and everyone is different.

  13. #630292013-08-28 01:50:45DarkChaplain said:

    So.... is anybody actually interested in writing a story over the course of the next few weeks or so?
    Because this here hasn't really been all that big of a discussion, and activity's been down in general, I'd rather not kick off a project which I can't end properly due to lack of participation.
    I could easily try and put up the full project thread over the weekend, but I'd like to know that my effort won't be wasted.

  14. #630322013-08-28 02:25:20Cenica said:

    I'm up for writing a story. Actually I'm looking forward to it if we can enough people to make it interesting.

  15. #630442013-08-28 05:25:40DarkChaplain said:

    @Cenica, @--Jack--, @johan_5179, @Ucui and @Teru, thanks for your input on this.
    It's certainly encouraging to see this many earlier participants still on board with this.

    Now, since you all have experience with last time's word count, what's your take on the lower one this time around? Considering the responses from potential new participants were lukewarm at best, I'm considering to raise the word count after all, if you'd like me to.