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Parent: CL Short Story Project 2.0: Topic Discussion

  1. #624892013-08-12 08:28:21Kirn said:

    No, broad topic wouldn't be good for a simple reason of us already having a volume 1 of this and it having a very clear topic. So for the second one we also need a clear topic. Also, with stories having different topic, it would be harder to compare them against each other.
    Now, seeing how we had the last one go, topic should be easy... Honestly, I would propose some fantasy/medieval theme because it's easy enough and seeing how many people are fans of Titan anime now, so they might get interested in the genre and inspired enough to write something of their own.

    Well, those are my thoughts for now. I am not prepared to thing about something like this properly on Monday.

    Also, who won in the previous one? )