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  1. #62512012-01-13 16:40:54hais said:

    it's my friend's birthday today, and 4 years ago on this day, we did the ouiji board. nothing happened though ;u;

  2. #62552012-01-13 17:26:39Noodle said:

    Well I'm incapable of leaving the house today since I'm babysitting my siblings. Also I don't have time to sleep tonight since I need to leave as soon as I'm able. Which is 23:30isch.


  3. #62872012-01-13 19:27:12ImagineBreaker said:

    Got an alarm set that can go off by merely going into the kitchen at night (of course I turned that function off moments later).

    Other than that nothing really bad, for me at least. It's actually been a pretty good day for once.

    Only real dilemma is choosing what to have my parents buy me for America given I have a $40 limit.I've narrowed it down into 3 choices. 1) Hyperdimension Neptunia (might be rare though) - $27-30

    2) God Eater Burst and Tales of The World Radiant Mythology (might be hard to find) - $40

    3) Trails in the Sky Limited Edition - $40

  4. #62942012-01-13 20:43:47 *TalTal said:

    Hahahah, I always have good luck on Friday the 13. For example: my friend's Xmas present to me finally came in the mail, so I get to open it!

    (although, I think I lost the amazing note that came with it ):) Edit: (Never mind, I found it :D)

  5. #62952012-01-13 20:44:07Sutol said:

    I'm alright nothing has happened yet, in fact I forgot it was Friday 13th until later. Now I've just jinxed myself hope nothing happens to me :x

  6. #63032012-01-13 21:53:22Elegy said:

    I'm just absorbing all your luck today. It'll come crashing down on me come monday though. It always does.

  7. #63492012-01-14 00:45:48break said:

    iev run out of noodles and i dont know if ill be finished with the pictres im drawing for the CL contest and for a friend before the deadline?

  8. #63782012-01-14 05:19:53 *iwish3 said:

    I've told someone I just met that we can hang out tomorrow. Later in the day he starts saying 50 things about one piece and I realize he's one of those annoying anime fanboys. I'm not hating on One Piece but seriously if your not gonna shut up at least talk about something that interests BOTH of us =_=

  9. #63842012-01-14 06:25:10Arachne said:

    For the first time all the food from school cafeteria ended and I had to starve until I got back home. Also I noticed that the coliseum deadline is so close and I haven't finished yet.

  10. #63852012-01-14 07:01:52eterno said:

    I couldn't stop crying today. not because i was sad but it was probably because my tear glands are a bit fucked up because of my glasses. It was kinda embarassing because everyone seems to talk to me in a more comforting manner today. In fact, I have some tears in my eyes now and I'm fucking happy! Especially because I figured my parents won't kill me after all.