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  1. CL: A Voice Acting Corner [AUDITIONS NEEDED!] (DEADLINE >2 WEEKS)

    #625292013-08-12 19:47:10 *Daikon said:

    I've noticed that there are not many voice acting threads in this site (although there were a few in the past) and I thought I'd make a little thread where you can share your experience in the field, whether it is projects that you were involved in, auditions that you have made or even your impressions of characters in shows/movies/anime. If this thread gets a lot of good posts, I may even use this as a reference for future voice-acting projects! :D


    A old fandub made by Colorless members. (Played as: Kida Masaomi)

    www.youtube.com/watch?v=46QbaX2P4Ks Another old fandub that I was involved in with other Colorless members (Played as: Kida Masaomi)

    www.youtube.com/watch?v=4OUsnLEkMwA A review I did for @n1xx 's blog in the past




    I am looking forward to your posts!

    UPDATE: You can post covers that you are involved in as well

  2. #625622013-08-13 07:15:13 *Kirn said:

    Was that even a thing? I never followed that.

    Anyhow, all of my VA work have been here on CL... on olde cl.

    Yes, same as @Daikon, here I am playing the role of Simon.

    Also I did some work for Myogi and while I did a few small support roles, I had my small fame as a rival to hero in one if his episodes.

    Voicing Santana Swarovski there.

    Also! I did a few choruses, which I linked enough, and I was in a few projects that weren't really successful. Like our own Drrrr abridged. We mostly horsed around on skype and did nothing. Well, they did that, I did some actual work.
    I was gonna voice Kadota there, and since it was me, our plan was to use my accent and make Kadota an immigrant from some post-soviet country (think Borat). And I did a short promotion of the character, which we never got around to putting into video of any kind. But here it is, still on my PC - immigrant Kadota talking about Ikebukuro.

    Haven't done any VA since those times, now that I think about it.

  3. #625702013-08-13 15:47:55 *MrTrain said:

    I voiced some extra roles in myogi's series. This is my biggest role in that; I was Kitana who starts at 3:10

    And awhile back I also did this thing where I tried to voice every character on parasite eve. No links though, it was kinda embarrassing listening to it now.

  4. #625722013-08-13 16:08:18RyukiStar4ever said:

    I actually did an impression of Light Yagami's laugh, but my sister deleted it off of YouTube. We have some voice acting on YouTube as the DemDemDairies. But she prefers to cosplay. I prefer voice acting. Now if only she would take the time to make animations. I have no clue how to do it, but she went to college for it!

  5. #626382013-08-14 18:54:26AnimeShifter said:
    Well, I'm not much of a voice actor but I do some recordings on my free time and for fun. Like I find a comic strip with max 3 voices and I do it alone. Sometimes I do them with my friend. Recently I auditioned for SnK anime dub.
    So yeah, that is my ultimate voice acting career.

    You may find most of the recordings here But as you can see they're SnK so if you don't like - don't even bother. Also, I mostly didn't really try there because I started doing those out of boredom. (look for audio posts with comic strips/pictures)
  6. #635642013-09-13 04:07:12Daikon said:

    I come with a great opportunity for you to show off your acting skills. A skilled friend of mine has decided to make a voice acting project featuring the new One Piece Game "Pirate Warriors 2". He is in dire need of more auditions due to the large character list. If you are interested in auditioning, rehearse from the lines provided, record them into mp3 or wav formats and email them to me with you username attached to it as I will send them to the director for evaluation.

    Link- http://voiceactingalliance.com/board/showthread.php?88077-One-Piece-Kaizoku-Musou-2-Pirate-Warriors-2-fandub!-AUDITIONS

    My email is: jdmacnutt@gmail.com

    Looking forward to seeing your auditions!

  7. #639102013-09-25 04:24:32Daikon said:

    The One Piece "Pirate Warriors 2" fan-dub will reach it's deadline in less than TWO WEEKS from now. We still need many auditions (preferably deep male and female voices) and if you feel any interest to audition then DO IT NOW. I recently collaborated a video showcasing our biggest highlights in audition so far.

    Looking forward to hearing more from you!~ :D
  8. #650342013-10-27 16:05:01MyogiWarrior34 said:


    Been a while since I last logged in on CL. I haven't forgotten about it. How's it hanging guys? To celebrate, here's the latest installment. Do let me know what you think of it. Thanks:

  9. #675582013-12-22 11:41:20MyogiWarrior34 said:

    The latest installment of Viaggio Grande III is now out.

    Part 2 is officially live!

    I'd love to hear/read all of your feedback/insights, etc. Hopefully the effort was well worth it.

  10. #1097292017-03-25 06:04:41ID_Tuner said:
    First of all, I should apologize publicly for not looking up this thread sooner. I have some experience in voice acting. If anyone needs me for a project, PM me here.

    Also, I am starting up my own series (Not trying to steal the spotlight from Myogi, Honest! #sweatdrop)
    so if anyone can help me with some voice work, that would be nice.

    Here's an example of what I can do. Video is from my own series. Planning on getting a better mic soon as well. :)