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  1. Link Library Thread [open to suggestions]

    #626782013-08-15 17:46:05 *PigBoss said:

    This thread is made for the general purpose of sharing URL's for education and entertainment.

    Post links so that others may enjoy the wealth of information of the internet. Thank you!

  2. #626962013-08-16 01:23:27 *Gwynn said:

    Free ebooks:


    Project Gutenberg offers over 42,000 free ebooks: choose among free epub books, free kindle books, download them or read them online.

  3. #626972013-08-16 02:00:55 *johan_5179 said:


    The Internet Archive

    This is the single largest virtual library I have ever seen. Books movies radio interviews. It has EVERYTHING. For free. And the About page gives you links to their partners and friends who, like The Internet Archive, have sizeable libraries of their own.

    I will be adding more links once i'm through with classes today. Many more links :)

  4. #627102013-08-16 13:20:41Cenica said:

    Coursera is a website where you can take free college courses from around the world (don't think you get credits or anything like that). It's mostly just a thing where you can learn about what you're interested in.

  5. #627132013-08-16 15:38:12johan_5179 said:

    All these links are for e-books, since I have severely limited interests.


    Almost 29,000 books to be downloaded. The primary advantage of ManyBooks is that all these books are in multiple formats. Upto 10 formats can be found for any book they have.

    -Free eBooks & Tutorials

    Resource books are a speciality of this site. Again, multiple formats are mostly available, although not to the extent of ManyBooks.

    -Free Online Novels

    Books you have never heard of, arranged by genre. Great for discovering new titles.

  6. #644192013-10-09 06:01:12 *johan_5179 said:


    Lot and lots of books ^_^ Some rare finds as well, such as the Norton Critical Editions for quite a few Classics, which are well nigh impossible to find elsewhere.

  7. #898232015-05-18 23:56:36Sparrow said:

    Quora is a good website for learning all kinds of stuff and discussion. There are lots of questions and answers about learning, studying techniques, movie discussion, books, and lots more.

  8. #907402015-07-08 22:05:11--Jack-- said:

    A quick list of some online tools I use, and where to get some of the offline ones:



    • HTML Color Picker Get color codes such as #FF7519 to use in your coding.

    • Image Color Picker Find the HTML color code of any pixel in an image, via uploading it or pasting a URL to it.

    • Da Button Factory Design an image, or embeddable code, for an HTML Button graphic. Variable size, shape, color, and gradient.

    • Code Academy Learn to code for free.

    • Sublime Text 2 A useful code editor that can auto-fill, and catch mistakes. Sublime text 3 is in beta as well. I personally prefer it over Notepad ++ ...

    • Notepad ++ A useful code editing program, and it has various plug-ins for types of code, among other things.

    ❒Minecraft: of course I'd have this section, C'mon

    • Minecraft ID List has both the new (name based) and old (number based) IDs for every block and item in the game. Useful for commands.

    • InstantMC Get a free, slightly older version, slightly laggy server that will be open as long as you stay on it. It auto closes after 24 hours. It breaks on occasion.

    • Superflat Preset Generator Edit and output code for making a custom superflat world. Can use new and old syntax for the different versions of MC.

    • MC Stacker Make commands for command blocks. Summoning mobs, giving items, nameing things and adding lore, custom items and effects, custom villager trading, and more. Usable in newer MC Versions

    • MC Edit A world-editing tool that allows players to edit worlds quickly on a large scale. Also save, import, and export chunks of blocks as schematics to take things from one world into another.

    • MC Head Database Get custom player heads that look like things. Useful for commands and adventure maps.