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  1. Helloo everyone im lost

    #629442013-08-25 08:34:37 *Xsavier said:

    Well Hello everyone as my thread says im new here and i joined up this site so i could chat about anime manga and have fun i really wanted to do something like this a long long time ago i was just too lazy too so finally after 6 years i decided hey i think i stored up enough energy to do this so here i am but im not sure what to do oh im 18 im a dude i like action adventure romance mystery animes well basiclly everything well im a really talktive dude the reason im really into romance anime well its becaume im myself am in love since i was 7 years old yes yes pathetic arent i i should have took action or something ahhh well this is going too far i should be introducing myself not talking about my lovestory sorry everyone and please help some advice and no not advice about my love story about this site XD thanks everyone Farewell

  2. #629482013-08-25 09:16:41 *Kirn said:

    Alright. My first question - can you fucking read? Or are you one of those people who only write but do not read what other people (or themselves) fucking write? If you would be able to read, you would have seen the introductions thread. That was made specifically so that people like you would not make thousands of these dumb introductions.

    Next. Punctuation. Learn it. You are writing worse than a 10 y.o. girl for fuck's sake! And before you say anything - if you can't do punctuation, then you are dumb fuck, if you can do punctuation but chose not to on the internet, you are disrespectful twat, and if you would want to say that you can't do it 'cause English is not your native language, then you are fucked again, 'cause it's not native for a lot of people here and we all try to fucking write properly. So there is no excuse whatsoever for writing like you do.

    Also, yes, this unreadable cutesy attempt at sharing your love story and then deciding "oops, I shouldn't be saying this" is not only pathetic, it's repulsive.

    Oh, and those links that Train, being such a kind person, gave you? You should have started with those before writing ANYTHING at-fucking-all.

  3. #629502013-08-25 09:49:29Xsavier said:

    @Kirn yes what i did was very stupid looks like im both pathetic and repulsive i did a huge mistake i didnt know punctuation was so important for that i apologise, the reason i didnt notice the introductions thread was because i was excited since i haven't ever joined a site like this i opened up too much i made a grave mistake for now im going to read those introduction thread