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Parent: CL Literature 2.0

  1. #630962013-08-30 02:14:07Toku said:
    I know some will hate the grammar, but I write how I speak it: Slowly, quietly, emphasizing words and speaking the sentences like a roller coaster ride. This is a random start to something I may never finish, just an FYI.
    "'The priest spoke of the Old Gods, not ones of bone and flesh and finely chiseled forms, but those of madness and pleasure, disturbing thoughts and lustful embraces of what could not be. They were not material things, we could not touch them, but they could touch us. When we woke within the darkness of our quarters gripped by a bleak despairing sliver within our hearts and our minds, it was Inanae; Insanity, attempting to twist us and move us in ways only those fool enough to want to could understand. Such Gods we no longer worship and attempt to embrace, we let our lives be determined by those Gods which we made ourselves, who encompass not one realm, but all. We see a mad man speaking of truth, and we call him a prophet. We see a sane man speaking of such falsehoods, and we call him a heretic. What words can be spoken that can do justice to the things we think, to the thoughts we have, sadistic and seductive both. Nothing can be done, which has not been done before by the providence of the Old Gods speaking through their chosen soul.
    Some of the Gods of old, do not wish to simply be the idle fancy of a mortals passing thought, some take matters into their own hands. They make mad men of those once sane, and make those once strong of faith fall far. Fire and brimstone does not rain from the sky, only rampant ecstasy and derangement through the streets do we know that we're eternally connected to them.
    The Old Gods live on, no matter the lies we speak to ourselves.'"