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CL Short Story Project 2: Sword & Sorcery - Submission Window Closed; Round 3 Draft

  1. #635732013-09-13 19:34:58Taro_Tanako said:

    In the interests of show and tell, I too have my characters on their jolly quest now. 626 words so far and a planned idea of where they will go and when, just like an itinerary. Does anyone else find middle parts difficult?

  2. #635742013-09-13 20:00:04 *Cloud-VK said:

    Since were sharing. Right now I have 496 words, and it’s going smoothly, though not as fast as I’d like. ... I keep editing what I have.

    Right now the only thing I’m having trouble with is getting a really good dialogue, so I'm trying to include motion with the speech so it’s not just a bunch of.

    “ “ he said.

    “ “she said.

    “ “he said.

  3. #635762013-09-13 21:48:38hellstorm901 said:

    2719 words so far and just writing up the conclusion.

    I promise to restrain myself from a WTF ending as seen in my Vol.1 Short Story.

  4. #636712013-09-17 22:31:57Cenica said:

    Going to try to finish my story up within the next couple of days. I haven't really worked on it since I started.

  5. #636892013-09-18 09:50:49Kirn said:

    @Taro_Tanako well, I won't say about the middle part, but there's always parts of story that would give you more trouble than others. Mainly, if you have list of things characters will do, you may have trouble writing transitional scenes 'cause those you didn't have list for and hence you write them 'on the fly'. So, that's normal. Some people struggle with endings, some with middle parts, and some can't find the right way to begin the story, which is also damn important.

  6. #636932013-09-18 12:57:45Taro_Tanako said:

    @Kirn I keep wanting more exposition for some characters, which I just cannot afford in a short story. Already hacked a big scene out that essentially added nothing to the actual story. Entering official editing mode at the weekend for the final polish. My aim is to a) submit before the deadline (should be ok as it's almost finished to schedule), b) have a less rushed story than last time.

    I'm feeling positive about this one ^_^

  7. #636942013-09-18 13:18:41johan_5179 said:

    Since my story has more sorcery than sword, I find it hard to detail how things are being done. I want more back story, I want a better explanation of 'why' things happened, but in all this the writing of 'how' things happen is getting cramped. This is a tough one for me.

    Worst case, I'll overshoot the word limit and then prune it in my brutal edit :/

  8. #637952013-09-21 18:19:46DarkChaplain said:

    Gonna extend the deadline here. My next week's gonna be a bit busy and I don't think I'll be working through the stories til next weekend at best, so I'd rather give people more time to work on their submissions and polish them up.

    So far, only two people handed in their stories, being @Kirn and @hellstorm901. You two have my thanks for that, and if you want to make use of the additional time to work on your stories some more, go ahead, and just send me the updated version later on, when you're satisfied.

    The others who have not come close to finishing yet - get your stuff together asap. There've been plenty of people who wanted to participate, and I'd like people to avoid dropping out this time around.

    New Deadline: Monday the 30th.

    I'll close the gates on the 1st next month, when I'm up and checked my inbox for your submissions.

  9. #639212013-09-25 13:59:38DarkChaplain said:

    Use your time wisely. If you arrive at this state:

    You're doing yourself a disservice. Don't tire yourselves out by pulling all-nighters due to lack of time. Your quality will suffer, and you'll make a lot of errors.

  10. #641102013-09-30 02:41:38DarkChaplain said:

    I have received stories from:

    so far.

    @Taro_Tanako has excused himself due to health reasons, so whether or not he can still manage to piece something together with one hand is doubtful. It's fine, though, as he messaged me about it on his own, and excused himself.

    @johan_5179 is putting the finishing touches to his submission, and has let me know multiple times that he'll be ready and done by the deadline. I'm not worried about him at all - he'll get his story onto my HDD once he's confident in it being done.

    @Cenica though is disappointing me here. For somebody who "had an idea" from even before this round started, and in fact from the moment I first pitched the topic on another thread, she's been slacking off quite a bit, and leaves me waiting. Again. Cenica, shame on you :V

    @CloudVariasKira hasn't done squat, I guess, and vanished off the face of the site. When I asked on chat last time I saw him coming online, there was no reply at all.

    Haven't heard back from anybody else who "signed up" or expressed interest, though. This includes @kosuke and @PureBoredom but also @olivaisfire1997 and @squareof3 and others who only pledged their participation on chat. It would be nice to hear from you lot, as we're still a bit short on participants. I doubt anybody will be whipping up a full story by tomorrow, though, unless he/she has been writing on it already anyway.

    I will say that I'd have expected some more dedication, especially with the deadline extension, but I guess the CL drama had a negative impact on the project that couldn't be helped. Too bad, I guess.

    I am already throwing ideas around for the next round, and have pushed them onto chat earlier. I'll put them up for discussion once this time's submission window closes, to keep you occupied while I'm busy editing your stories into an anthology (although this one will be a bit thinner, I guess).

    Final Day, guys and girls!

  11. #641122013-09-30 03:10:40Cenica said:

    :V Wow. Maybe I shouldn't disappoint your expectations by actually turning stuff in. I was actually just finishing things up.

  12. #641622013-10-01 16:30:56DarkChaplain said:

    The Submission Window is now CLOSED

    Six stories made it this time, which is about half of last time. While a lot of time was taken up by drama, I am still disappointed, especially with the rather modest word count and the long, and extended, submission window..

    As for @CloudVariasKira, he has PM'd me this morning, about 13 hours ago, but despite being shown as online on Skype, has not notified me about his progress since. I've delayed the closingfor about 12 hours now, due to it, but this is the end of the line, I'm afraid.

    If you don't let me know about difficulties ahead of time, I cannot make the necessary adjustments to the project and help you out in one way or another. You only got yourselves to blame.

    In other news, the next round should start soonish, and may even start before I'm done editing the submissions into an ebook. I'll see what I can do.

    Content-wise, the next one will probably give you more freedom in terms of topics and genres, while still limiting things that you are not allowed to do, like with the NSFW rules.

    As an added twist, you'll have to work with another user who may not even be writing a story of his/her own, effectively having him/her as your story's editor.

    My reasons for that:

    • It will put pressure on you to actually WORK on your stories before the final few days arrive out of the blue.
    • You'll be able to bounce ideas and problems off your editor, and have them help you in figuring out how to structure your story.
    • It may drive overall activity by involving people who aren't confident enough in their own writing yet
    • Quality may be raised like this
    • People will benefit from some cooperational experiences like these
    • Discussing your stories with another user should be fun, especially since they can help you not lose track or motivate you.
    • Your editors will be proof- and testreading your works, meaning that they can help pinpoint errors, plotholes or sections that need reworking to feel better.
    • Sharing your thoughts on your own creative process will help you visualize ideas and get the ball rolling much easier than if you were on your own.

    A lot of the participants this time around had pacing issues, or ran into dead ends along the way - this is the kind of thing I hope will be avoided with somebody assigned to you to help and discuss things through. Group works like this may also bring the community closer together.

    The editors will then also be featured in the ebook anthology, and get some practice at things that you'd usually not often do on your own.

    It's a win/win situation, in my opinion. If you ever wish to actually get published or writing professionally, you'd be better off giving this a try. While Editors are rarely given the attention and praise they deserve, it is clear that they are a driving force behind a lot of great authors. Getting used to it will benefit you in the long run, even if we're all amateurs.

    If you're willing to take part in this third round, better go and look out for your editor ahead of time. Go and ask people you feel comfortable working with whether or not they'd be interested in participating. But please make sure that you can count on them being honest enough to tell you if your idea is bad, or your story has issues. Trust each other, people.

    Alright, that's DC's train of thought. Feedback will be appreciated, whether here, on chat or on Skype. DC out.

  13. #641642013-10-01 16:51:56Kirn said:

    How about just drawing names out of a hat?


  14. #641652013-10-01 16:54:53DarkChaplain said:

    Amusing? Yes, quite likely.

    Productive and constructive? Nope.

    While I'd like people who don't usually work together to team up instead of having to deal with friendly dishonesty, I think that chemistry is a very vital point.

    If you cannot work, and sometimes clash, with your editor, the relationship between author and editor is pointless, and will lead to nothing but shit.

  15. #641722013-10-01 18:43:57--Jack-- said:

    @DarkChaplain Hopefully. My only issue is past experiences with people loving how their version of my story goes better than my own, even if I can imagine circles around them in the sand.

    I don't like sharing :'D

  16. #642012013-10-02 16:47:32 *DarkChaplain said:

    First ebook drafts are done, the jury is assembled, pre-release copies of the ebooks have been distributed to @MrTingles and @Ecstasy.

    Next step will be me taking snapshots of each story to hand them to the authors, so they may get some small edits in before the final release. I'll PM you once I've got the time to get it done.

    Oh, hey, a wild cover: