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CL Short Story Project 2: Sword & Sorcery - Submission Window Closed; Round 3 Draft

  1. #646232013-10-15 17:22:08DarkChaplain said:


    Due to personal reasons on my end, I am not currently able to do the rest of the work justice, and thus the final version is on hold for the time being.

    I am terribly sorry about that, and I probably hate this situation way more than any of you. I'll try to get it done once I am able to.

    In the meantime, I hope you can be patient for a while longer, while I sort things out.
    To the authors I would like to offer the work in progress version of the three ebook formats which I've taken care of very quickly after I received all the submissions and most of the edits sent in.

    If you want to get reading the actual submissions, despite the ebooks missing a few things still, let me know about it and I'll hook you up.

  2. #646292013-10-15 19:11:58Kirn said:

    Well, I don't mind waiting. I want to read other stories, but I would prefer to get the book when it's properly finished. Anyways, my one hope is that these time judges would publicly rate stories. Yes, I am that competitive )

  3. #646692013-10-17 13:48:23--Jack-- said:

    We should have a specially altered badge for "Best Story". Like the Writer's Corner badge but with a star or something in the corner. Or maybe a ribbon.

    But the chances of a new badge being made are slim to none~

  4. #646702013-10-17 14:02:23Kirn said:

    Nah... badges are overrated anyways. One doesn't have to have a badge to know that he won something.