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Movies based on true stories.

  1. #1163592019-05-14 04:16:58Kirn said:

    Fighting with My Family (2019)

    Alright, so this one is pretty weird in a way, that events actually happened pretty recently - the culmination of the movie is the events of 2014, which is pretty recent. Also, there's Dwayne Johnson there, who actually plays role of himself, because, funny enough, he did take part in the story.
    This one is about a whole family of wrestlers, who try to make wrestling stars out of their children, but only one kid even gets accepted into American leagues. Or whatever they have there, I don't know much about wrestling. How, the usual site claims that a lot of details are pretty much right. Family of wrestlers, with father being ex-criminal, Paige having different stage name at first, tryouts, and even the fact that Rock was the one who told Paige about what kind of fight she will be having soon. The most notable fiction is the coach character, who is obligatory in this type of movie, but who is more of a mix of several actual people involved in WWE trailing, rather that one single real person.
    Another notable thing is, the movie is made after a documentary about this wrestling family, called 'The Wrestlers: Fighting With My Family'. So you can see where the name of the movie comes from. Also, what we cannot be certain about is family relationship details. For example, Zak really did take the events pretty badly, and movie shows good jealousy, but I can't confirm if Paige was as torn, awkward and timid as she was shown. Real person obviously said that events are spot-on, but the family just likes the movie, and they took part in consulting it, so they would of course praise it.
    All in all, this is your normal sports and coming of age film, made a bit more impactful by being based on real events. Also, it may be decent insight into wrestling scene for someone like me, who has no real idea about that stuff. Also there's a Rock. Rock playing Rock is definitely a win.

  2. #1164982019-07-02 20:37:20Kirn said:

    The Best of Enemies (2019)

    Alright, so this one is pretty social. I didn't think much of it 'till I saw Sam Rockwell there. He is always good in movies, so yeah, I took a closer look, and there it was, another true story movie.
    So, that one is about committee working on a matter of desegregation of schools. Apparently, after initial law about that, there was still a lot of push back on some states, and no surprise there. The movie tells about black civil rights activist and a guy who was, at the time, local president of KKK. They got co-chair positions on that matter, and eventually united after starting as natural enemies.
    This is pretty interesting, but it seems that a lot of things in the movie is actually true to real events. Of course there's a matter of general story, but also details like the guy's family affairs, woman wanting to stab him at some point, and how they couldn't even sit together at first. Actually, one thing that's pointed out specifically as not true (not confirmed at all) is the shooting scene. But it's the usual thing to show KKK as more vicious than they were at the time in movies. Another thing is, I can't find mention of threats to committee members from KKK, so I don't know how true movie is about that.
    All in all, it's not an event I have personal interest in, but it's an interesting story, and a decent movie for that.