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Parent: Movies based on true stories.

  1. #632832013-09-04 11:13:19 *johan_5179 said:

    Boys don't Cry (1999)

    Boys Don't Cry is a 1999 American independent romantic drama film directed by Kimberly Peirce and co-written by Andy Bienen. The film is a dramatization of the real-life story of Brandon Teena, a trans man played in the film by Hilary Swank, who is beaten, raped and murdered by his male acquaintances after they discover he is anatomically female.


    Peirce researched Brandon Teena's life for over 5 years in order to get her facts right, and the only detail she fudged on purpose was that while in the movie Brandon's girlfriend declares that she would love him no matter what he was, the real life Lana Tisdel walked out on him. The rest of the movie is corroborated by interviews and police records.

    This movie carries johan's approval. Watch it.

    Argo (2012)

    Argo is a 2012 historical drama thriller film directed, co-produced by, and starring Ben Affleck. This dramatization is adapted from U.S. Central Intelligence Agency operative Tony Mendez's book The Master of Disguise and Joshuah Bearman's 2007 Wired article The Great Escape. The latter deals with the "Canadian Caper," in which Mendez led the rescue of six U.S. diplomats from Tehran, Iran, during the 1979 Iran hostage crisis.

    The most highly acclaimed movie of 2012, the film that catapulted Affleck to the heights at which he stands today. Here is what Affleck had to say about the film, regarding its accuracy

    Because we say it's based on a true story, rather than this is a true story, we're allowed to take some dramatic license.

    trans - We are smartass

    The Canadian role was severely downplayed and the British and New Zealand embassies who actually busted their balls over the operation were completely ignored, which pissed a lot of people off. But overall the movie is a very good representation of what went down, and is a good movie which people should watch.

    The Fighter (2010)

    The Fighter is a 2010 biographical sports drama film directed by David O. Russell, and starring Mark Wahlberg, Christian Bale, Amy Adams and Melissa Leo. The film centers on the life of professional boxer Micky Ward (Wahlberg) and his older half-brother Dicky Eklund (Bale). The film also stars Amy Adams as Micky's love interest, and Melissa Leo as Micky's and Dicky's mother.


    Now wake up you people and listen up. This movie right here is Christian Bale's crowning achievement. It is the movie that made me the rabid fan I am today. Bale is among the best actors I have ever seen, and this movie is why. Do you maggots understand?


    To the matter at hand, the movie is almost completely accurate in its representation and story, with a very few details changed that only a Micky Ward himself could have spotted, such as his streak in 1988 and such. But they were spotted, because Micky Ward himself starred in the movie as the on-screen Micky's coach. Yes, the two people on whom the story is based were always present on the set to help out. Accurate and a must-watch.