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Parent: How To Survive Zompocalypse?

  1. #635352013-09-11 23:42:58 *Rune said:

    If there's anything I learned from The Last of Us is that bullets will be ultra rare and knives/blades except for the switchblade variant will be either rusty or dull.


    So, the best weapon? This:

    And also bricks. Bricks are very useful to either bash someone's head in or as a distraction tool as demonstrated here:

    And the best thing about them is that they never run out and could be mass-produced rather easily. Guns and blades might work for the first few years but without proper care, they'll be only as useful as a blunt object. It'd be better to gather other better blunt objects like baseball bats, lead pipe, etc.


    As for protective clothing, anything thick enough to prevent zombie bites would be enough so leather works. But just as weapons decay, clothes decay too and sooner or later you'll have to learn to make your own clothing. Learning how to sew or scavenge is a must.

    In any case, try to wear anything flexible. A suit of armor might protect you from bites but it'd be better to wear something that allows you to run and fight. An army fatigue is a good option as well because you'll also have lots and lots of pockets to carry stuff.


    Torches are pretty useful but they also run out and so they might not be good for lighting. Not only that but they might also attract hordes of zombies towards you and you don't want that!

    The best source of lighting, LED lights!

    LED flashlights in particular, only require little maintenance and will probably last forever. Not only that but making LED lights is pretty easy as well so if you happen to need one you can craft one rather easily.

    The problem next would be power source but you can make your own battery


    Food source will be ultra scarce during a zombie apocalypse but for the first few years, stocking up these foods would be good enough.

    Sooner or later though, you'll have to decide whether to hunt/scavenge or plant. It'll be like the dawn of civilization all over again and you'll decide which side you'll take. Either way, hunters/scavengers don't always have a steady food supply but turning to agriculture also means everyone will try to rob you.

    End Notes

    Survival aside, I think the most important thing to think about when the apocalypse happens is why are you even surviving in the first place? If you are only there just because, then you might be better off offing yourself. Bottom line is, you need a purpose on why you are even surviving!

    Refer to The Last of Us ending for reference: CAUTION!! SPOILERS!!

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