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  1. Force Users posing as Priests

    #635842013-09-14 06:34:53 *Rune said:

    Wiki Entry

    Benny Hinn is a Sith Lord who in his spare time, also preaches about the Glory of God. Benny Hinn is also one of the few known users of The Force currently active on Earth. Allegedly, Hinn has been using the force to get paid television appearances although he's denied this.

    There are also other Force Users whom have been known to pose as Priests, Imams, Shamans, etc. with many of their acts caught on camera and uploaded on the Internet. If you happen to come across one, please feel free to share them here!

    On the other hand, what do you think of these Force Users roaming the Earth? Do you think they're good/bad/neutral? Would you support them or fight against them?


    Benny Hinn destroying some Jedi

    Benny Hinn using the Force on his promotional music video "Let the Bodies Hit the Floor"

    Force Users fighting it out in an underground fighting tournament called Street Fighter II Church Edition. Benny Hinn was also a participant.

    Force Users in Street Fighter II Pakistan

    I have more videos of other Force Users from around the World but this post already has too many videos. I will post more later :)