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  1. #636742013-09-18 00:02:43 *--Jack-- said:

    Dear █████,

    You were very abusive, not in the physical way but emotionally. You both wasted my time and ███████████, but now you want to pretend like we can be friends? How can I manage that without regret? Especially since we have the bad habit of ████████████ repeatedly when you always ███████ and waste it all away. And to top it off, you have no idea what I'd do for you. Even ███████. Most of the friends you came to know met you through me. I had friends, and you always managed to lose yours. I never once held that over your head, because █████████. But that was then, and this is now.

    You don't even realize that I can't help but love you.

    Thanks to privacy, this looks like a leaked FBI document. -_-