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  1. #637162013-09-18 22:13:43awkwardangels said:

    @DarkChaplain Atlus has a good relationship with Nintendo. A lot of their newer games are being released on Nintendo's systems. (Except for the Persona series. SMT games have a lot of Nintendo releases, along with their other games.)

    They'd have no fear of bankruptcy, Western and Europe releases, etc.


  2. #637172013-09-18 22:50:23DarkChaplain said:

    And look which games are NOT getting released on Nintendo systems. Locking them all down to Nintendo would be shit, especially with how Nintendo is screwing up another console generation.

    And western and european releases? You're kidding me, right? Nintendo's been screwing up a lot of those, and delays western releases all the time, if it ain't Mario or Pukemons. They also pulled exclusive retailer bullshit in recent years. Nintendo is by no means a good choice here.