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Cartoon/Anime Series' you grew up watching !!

  1. #809632014-07-28 06:35:54Teil said:

    Kappa Mikey

    Kappa Mikey Probably one of the only cartoons that I put full effort into as a child. Back when it aired I was around ten years old. I clearly remember watching each new episode as they would air weekly all the way from it's pilot. The show itself is essentially a Western cartoon homage to anime art styles and etc. It parodies different anime concepts within it's jokes etc etc. As a child, I was infatuated with Japan. At this age I barley even knew what anime was so half of the jokes flew by me. I found the show to be incredibly funny and I loved the art style. I wouldn't be surprised if this had even the slightest influence on me getting into anime. I enjoyed the Japanese aspects of the show to a very large extent, even if looking back, a good chunk were based around stereotypes. It remains to this day the only Western cartoon that I have completed in its entirety. It is also home to my first cartoon crush, Mitsuki.

  2. #810002014-07-29 04:47:18TalTal said:

    Ok. I was writing this long post with explanations and pictures and everything. It was beautiful. But when I went to post it CL crashed. I'm not writing all that shit again. This will be the minimal-effort post of the frustrated.

    My favorites were (are) Teen Titans, Code Lyoko, and Xiaolin Showdown. I liked those action-y shows with interesting characters. There, I'm done, goodnight.

  3. #849362014-11-30 07:56:02 *Zephyr said:


    • who hasn't watched this? It's insanely humorous. And doraemon had some pretty stupid gadgets with him ._.


    • Okay. This.. whatever. I just got to watch this because there was nothing else. Beware. it's NSFW. =-=


    • who hasn't watched this? It's insanely humorous. And doraemon had some pretty stupid gadgets with him ._.


    • umm... yeah. this thing. =-=


    • Nothing really. It annoys me though


    • Don't watch this. it made me gay. .. xD kidding. It just made me find some random card, throwing it in the air and hitting it with a stick.
  4. #852872014-12-08 07:23:49hippopo said:

    DORAEMON my very first anime!! until now i always watch it on Sunday morning :D

    ONE PIECE the best anime ever! (for me) ;;)

    TOM & JERRY i never bored with this cartoon :D