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Parent: What are you reading?

  1. #638202013-09-22 10:25:44Kirn said:

    Haven't red anything that good in a while. Bill, The Galactic Hero is a book by Harry Harrison - well-knows science fiction writer. The book was written in 1965 and it is a sort of a parody on the army and the government.
    Bill was a simple farm-boy on one of many planets of human empire, but he was drugged and forcefully credited into army. After that he was sent into combat, awarded medals, court-marshaled, pressed into government service... His whole journey is unbelievable and, really, extremely stupid, which adds even more charm. The book is damn good and a very entertaining read.

    “Safe as houses. Safest place during the war is in the army. The jerks in the front lines get their asses shot off, the civilians at home get their asses blown off. Guys in between safe as houses. It takes thirty, fifty maybe seventy guys in the middle to supply every guy in the line. Once you learn to be a fileclerk you’re safe. Who ever heard of them shooting at a fileclerk? I’m a great fileclerk. But that’s just in wartime. Peacetime, whenever they make a mistake and there is peace for a while, it’s better to be in the combat troops. Better food, longer leaves, nothing much to do. Travel a lot.”