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  1. [1/4] Famous Last Words - (Exterior links, comments, say your prayers)

    #638392013-09-23 16:13:54 *--Jack-- said:


    -96 Hours Remain-

    This thread will be updated daily until point-of-sale.

    Where are we going?

    The CL owners are not enjoyed by many, and the site isn't profitable...so they decided to put it up for bids. The site will be bid upon by either Warlock or Rune according to statements made, as well as a rumor or two. And you two feel free to explain things however you wish here as well. However, if by the very/very/very slim chance the site is not bid on (Which is a few peoples' mild fear atm) it will simply close...which is bad.

    The asking price is

    $500 USD, €370.40 Euro, ¥49455 Yen (JPY).

    So, just in case...

    Famous Last Words, Anyone?


    • Final Quotes
    • Opinions (about the site ending, not the process of how we got here)
    • No NSFW
    • Links to other places like--

      Twitter / Tumblr / Facebook / Steam / Email / SKYPE

    • Fun times on CL
    • Timeless screenshots.
    • Personal Quotes, Comments, Pictures
    • Nostalgia

    ++Warning: End-Of-Movie spoilers++


  2. #638462013-09-23 18:37:36PigBoss said:

    People react negatively to change, and CL seems to be no different. I understand the security of lingering in the past (nostalgia is a clingy bitch), but I must remind myself and you guys that we live in the now. Fearing the future is natural but pretty irrational; let go of the fear and embrace the present.

    My opinion on CL and potential owner: what makes CL is the users, not the website. In that respect, it really doesn't matter who the owner of CL will be. If inappropriate actions are taken by the owner, there will be backlash. So long as there is a somewhat dynamic harmony with the users in CL, we will be prosperous. Whether or not the harmony will be achieved is a mystery until it is fully realized. Forum activity is dictated by passion and some time.

    "Your impending sense of doom is nothing but emotional residue - there is nothing wrong. Even when something is wrong, nothing is wrong. You deal with problems as they arise, no big deal." -some old guy on the internet

  3. #638482013-09-23 20:02:55Kirn said:

    You know, for now you all are doing 'last words' pretty wrong. Last words are not something where you say something you want to say before the end. Last words are the words you just say before you die. Sometimes knowingly, sometimes quite suddenly.

    So, it's up to me to do something right here and link you some proper 25 famous last words. Go read those, they are pretty interesting. Would give you good grasp on the idea. Also, there's a 10-minute video there, but I won't link it here, because, really, you can read the whole damn thing in 2-3 minutes.

  4. #638602013-09-23 22:35:29momo said:

    wait what why are you people even worried? Whomever buys it is sure to treat it well, it's part of the Flippa ToS and will be a sticking point of ours. While I do enjoy "SHIP'S GOING DOWN" jokes as much as everyone else here, I'd rather not have you guys jeopardize the site by scaring off any and all potential buyers. Just because I no longer wish to be responsible for the site and it's well being doesn't mean I wish anything bad upon it, especially closure.

    I quite like it here~

  5. #638632013-09-23 23:09:35DarkChaplain said:

    I'd rather not have you guys jeopardize the site by scaring off any and all potential buyers

    Not gonna happen, as long as Warlock is determined to take over. No need to fear about nobody being left to fill your wallets.

  6. #638672013-09-23 23:27:18 *momo said:

    honestly I don't even care about the money, it'll likely be thrown at the other guys or into our next projects. I have a stable job, I have plenty of hours and plenty of side work.

    What I worry about is keeping the site alive so that I can continue to visit it, not as an owner, but as a user. I do like this place and many of the people here~

  7. #638712013-09-24 00:39:22DarkChaplain said:

    Funny that you should say that about the money. That makes one owner not really caring about the money, another passing up on his personal share and the founder of the site is happy to get some reward out of his work, but didn't feel the urge to force a sale, according to his own statements.

    All of you claim to be very much interested in the wellbeing of the community - but in the same turn, you put it up for a public auction, rather than sticking to the whole "passing the site on to Warlock" thing. Heck, he's more than willing to pay, and has the support of most of our regulars.

    Instead of taking the next logical step in the chain, both Warlock and the users got steamrolled by the sale announcement, and pretty much forced into a corner. A circus followed, spearheaded by one of the owners, and people got mad about all of it.

    Now, the thing could have been easily solved by discussing things through with Warlock - not just telling him he'd get the site, and then blindsiding him. Sure, Trev may say that he informed Warlock on G+, but it would have been easy for him to realize that Warlock's G+ account is dead, and thus it would be unlikely for him to receive anything there. Funnily enough, only these parts of the matter seem to have been handled via G+, while the easy route via Skype was avoided. Funny.

    I think the past weeks have clearly shown that Warlock is more than motivated to pick up the ashes and carry on from here on out, and is mobilizing money to pay for the site. The regulars have also proven to be willing to share the financial burden in times of need, and the fine amount of on-site donations also shows that the community is pretty much able to keep itself alive.

    Now, how easy would it have been for you lot to talk things out with Warlock, and get this shit done easy and without pissing most people off? Yet you chose not to do this. Or rather, Trev did not. Instead he moved from A to B to A to B, whereas A is disregarding Warlock's role as "Community Manager" and B is "I can't tell you anything, really, unless Warlock and others agree". A bullshit circus, nothing else.

    I guess that's what happens when 3 odd people start a company together and don't really have a clear, united front in things like these. One doesn't care either way, another wants to get rid of it and on one hand acts like a total dickbag, on the other cries about people "misunderstanding" him, and the third is fine either way and just wants to feel a bit rewarded for his work.

    Don't get me wrong, I am completely fine with the sale in concept. I see why Gargron would love to be compensated for years of shitflinging and myriads of hours invested on maintaining the site. I also see why you'd want to get rid of the responsibility and liability (considering you all left "admin" to Warlock to get rid of the responsibility in the first place, that is only logical).

    What I don't see is why you had to make such a huge game out of it. Whether by accident or intent, this whole situation was horribly handled from start to finish, and could have been avoided entirely by communicating with the current Community Manager, rather than doubting his ability to keep the site going because he lacks rich parents to back his shit up.
    At this point it should be clear that Warlock has good intentions for CL, and has the backup of most of the community.

    This could have turned out much more successful by listening, communicating and holding on for a moment instead of rushing into one shitstorm after the last. I hope you lot realize that.

  8. #638742013-09-24 03:01:20--Jack-- said:

    I've been gone at class. Any other posts not related to this thread's specific purpose (Bulleted at the top) will be flagged as unconstructive. It's eating up space. You can always rant like this on the original Sale Thread.