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  1. What does your username mean?

    #639812013-09-27 04:32:47 *Destro said:

    My names Destro and contrary to popular belief it isn't because I'm a GI Joe fan although i agree that knowing is half the battle. My name came about one summer day when a friend and I were making a Character for Oblivion, it was an Argonian with a head the size of a basketball, and we needed to pick a name for our epic hero we decided on Corethan Destroyer of Evil! unfortunately it was too long, it cut off at Corethan Destro which we thought still sounded bad ass. I kept the Destro and dropped the Corethan because I felt it was easier to pronounce and type out.

    Now it'd be cool if other people shared what their name means or how they picked it.

  2. #639852013-09-27 09:32:06Ucui said:

    Alas, the origin of my username isn't all that fantastic or fabulous. Originally, Usui Takumi was the username that I ripped from the anime/manga series Kaichou Wa Maid-sama!. It was 4 episodes in when I first started to watch Maid-sama alongside Durarara! (The correlation should be obvious by now). Unfortunately, that username was deleted from the current site due to various reasons involving bans and the lack of.

    As time went on, a typo from a close friend of mine in chat somehow stuck and I have since been using the username Ucui as a main identifier.

  3. #640022013-09-27 12:45:37 *Lycan said:

    Lycan comes from Lycanthrope wchich basically means werewolf. I've used this nickname for like seven years or so.

    Oh and @chou, I'm pretty sure it means "big" too.

  4. #640042013-09-27 13:02:22 *Cloud-VK said:

    Cloud from Final Fantasy

    Varias was a bad misspelling, but its expose to be the Varis from Code Geass

    Kira from Death Note

    … I still prefer Cloud, or CVK

  5. #640052013-09-27 13:23:18DarkChaplain said:

    ....so instead of making up a name for yourself, you're piecing together three other names, and misspell one of them. Kids 'ese days...

  6. #640092013-09-27 14:02:20 *Rune said:

    My name means these things


    The reason why I picked it was that I was looking for a name that was short and I found out about Rune Ericson. Then, I decided to use that name because he's like the kind of person that I aspire to be.

  7. #640102013-09-27 14:16:59 *Kirlyte said:

    I put all of my usernames together the same way.

    I got to the Username field, typed out random combinations of letters/sounds until I got something I liked the sound of. My username has no meaning beyond this.

    It turns out that "Kirlyte" is a last name of some, though a rare one, but I was not aware of this at the time.

  8. #640132013-09-27 14:29:00TalTal said:

    Taltal is a mountain range in my first Zelda game, 19 is an important number from the Dark Tower series by Stephen King.
    People usually call me Tally, which is a nickname obviously derived from TalTal that a friend gave me.

  9. #640182013-09-27 15:27:11johan_5179 said:

    johan because Johan Liebert is the one true God. Johan with a small 'j' because none can equal Johan, we can only follow in his footsteps as lesser beings, as understudies. (Hence the _ )

    The 5179 has a very long and slightly embarrassing story behind it. Suffice it to say that a 13-year-old me found a message of true friendship in these numbers, and I have used these numbers in every account I have made since 2008.

  10. #640212013-09-27 17:22:03Trev said:

    Trev is short for Trevelyan, which is a family name.

    The relationship to the James Bond villain is merely coincidence.

    Trev has been expanded to Trevatos and Trevinci for alternate account handles in video games, but just because they are instantly recognizable as Trev accounts.

  11. #640252013-09-27 17:54:27Wolfangle said:
    • Was making an MMO character when I was about 10 or 11

    • Miss spelled angel

    • Noticed it, kept it, rolled with it for years

    Hehehehehurrrr~ Course I'm no wolf crazy fan or anything. My other mains don't use the word "wolf" in them.

  12. #640302013-09-27 18:12:47 *judar said:

    My name is from our Queen and Saviour Usagi Tsukino (Hallowed be Her Name) and then horribly bastardized by the extra 'i' because 'usagi' was taken; Innovative and original, I know.

  13. #640332013-09-27 20:35:42 *Mau said:
    Mau = Cat/Also based off Maudragauda which was a username on a site I frequented before coming here.

    Dia = Shortened version of my middle name

  14. #640552013-09-28 01:32:37 *Mau said:

    They must not know the truth.
    They cannot reach out to it.
    I do not want them reaching out to the truth, yet.