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What does your username mean?

  1. #989262016-02-09 05:08:29Kinnear said:

    Drentii is the given name of an RP character I created about 10-12 years ago.

    Kinnear is an alias I created to use as a surname-type name on a game called Rumble Fighter, 4ish years ago.

  2. #1056652016-08-02 05:28:17chalice said:

    ChaliceOz (even though it just says chalice). Chalice is a large goblet mainly for drinking wine, and Oz comes from the wizard of Oz. So cup of Oz= a cup that leads you to a different world full of magic.

    (Also could be known as when you're completely buzzed.)

  3. #1057442016-08-04 12:12:36Sheep said:

    Was playing this MMORPG called Wartune, there were some wolves as enemies and thought Would be funny if a 'sheep' beat them. Used the name "Sheep" for the game, and it just stuck ever since.

  4. #1058012016-08-05 22:00:48CQKumber said:

    "What Happens to the Girl When She Gets a Hard Dick in Her for Eight Hours Straight? Volume Two"

    if there's two volumes of this, is that like, a 16 hour combined total time

  5. #1058152016-08-06 06:32:24virtuNat said:

    Virtual Nature? That's not actually it but it fits more than the real meaning: virtuNat is actually a shortened version of my old username virtutemNaturalis, or "Natural Energy".

  6. #1058362016-08-06 19:35:35PigeonSpider said:

    I went to England before (Canterbury) and as me and our classmates ventured through the highstreet (shopping street) we came upon a boat tour where we bought ourselves tickets and decided to go on a tour on a boat, around the river that was there. The boats turned out to be Gondolas and we went with a tour guide around the river that circled the small area. He told us stories. There were tiny bridges (ones we had to duck underneath to get through) and underneath it was covered in spider webs and pigeons. There was one that was especially dark in one corner. The tour guy told us that there was a Pigeon Spider who didn't come out very often and was very shy. And it was the boss and whatever else. It was funny and then i just somehow "adopted" it. It was unique and no one else had a name like it so.

  7. #1058382016-08-06 21:28:30Bavalt said:

    Bavalt was the name of the protagonist of one of the many stories I've meticulously planned out and then abandoned over the years. I figured I'd get at least some use out of all that time spent.

  8. #1058402016-08-07 01:25:18Blush said:

    Blush is odd and i'm mistaken as a girl a ton but the name's got a cool history i guess. At first It was H3adphones on another site and after being exposed to the greatness that is kagerou days i wanted to change it to headphones actor but that name was taken </3 so instead i looked a the name takane enomoto (best kagerou girl) and tried enomoto but that was also taken so i googled some pictures for inspiration (sounds dumb but it's good) and found a pic of ene blushing so it turned into enomoto blush, then shortened to blush when i came here :)

    ps, I'm a dude

  9. #1133082018-02-09 14:29:25Wiseyo78 said:

    I'm gonna be honest i have no clue how i came up with this, just did. I did however come up with a weird story about the 78 clones of wisey, also i was a creepy pasta one time.