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What does your username mean?

  1. #640352013-09-27 21:14:10Momimochi said:

    I was in math class snacking on mochi.

    I have no idea where the hell Momi came from but it happened.

    So I combined the two.

    No special reason there

  2. #640662013-09-28 15:55:15youBAKA said:

    well it's a combination of you as in you, and baka as in stupid in japanese and not cow in tagalog. i first used it to make a crunchyroll account when i was around 13(?) and decided to keep it, yea~

  3. #640762013-09-28 22:45:27squareof3 said:

    Well I guess mine is obvious I got it from my fourth grad math class....... The truth is that my friend and I had this running joke( at that time I had not watched nor heard of Durarara but apparently he had) that when ever something was unfunny we would say square root of 3. Once I watched Durarara I realized that he hadn't made that up but anyway I made a typo and forgot to put "root" in my username so now I have become "9" or whatever else you degenerates call me.

  4. #640782013-09-29 01:30:47--Jack-- said:

    There are a few reasons why I go by Jack. It's not my real name at all.

    For one, Jack is my favorite name for a male character.

    It has a representation in a number of things and people too:

    • The Jack face card
    • The character to first turn savage in Lord of the Flies
    • Eyeless Jack
    • Jack Sparrow?
    • Jack-o-Lanterns
    • Jack Kerouac
    • Blackjack, favorite card game
    • Jack London
    • Jack Bauer
    • Jackal - The head of Anubis, guardian of death.
    • Jack Reacher
    • Union-Jack
    • Jack the Ripper


  5. #640882013-09-29 18:27:36hellstorm901 said:

    Borderlands 2 villain Handsome Jack

    and that person whose name I'd rather not say who is technically more plastic than man...and dead.

  6. #640892013-09-29 18:47:08Mau said:
    Really we're not gonna go there?
    Really? No one?
    Okay, I guess I gotta.

    Enjoy being Jack Black in my eyes now.
  7. #641912013-10-02 05:10:33Toku said:

    @squareof3 You're always Minister Square to me!

    Anywho, my name was going to be Denjiro, the first name of a Bleach RP character from a fanfic I was going to attempt to write (Full name Denjiro Tokujiro). It was taken. I used it on everything, really. I thought the site was slightly more radically Durarara so I didn't want to shorten it -hack hack, spit, hack- right? Well, long story short, in Age of Wushu I have Toku Buns, and I thought Toku was a cool name, so i just used it (obviously Toku comes from Tokujiro.)

  8. #642132013-10-02 20:30:2511037 said:

    My name comes from Dangan Ronpa. I am not so uncreative that I just jumbled a bunch of prime numbers together. I am, however, a horrible username creator. My email was created by using a suggested username that poped up when I entered a username that was taken. I've never managed to come across anything that would be a good username, until I found Dangan Ronpa, which puts a lot of importance on the number "11037" in both the first and second games. I thought it was really cool that one number could actually mean something important, so I chose it as my username.

  9. #642692013-10-05 11:33:47zatsunen said:

    Zatsunen (雑念) means worldly/idle thoughts. Came across the word randomly a few years back. It stuck after using it a few times during my brief phase of making blogs. Chose it for CL because I didn't want to use my easily identifiable, main username. End up liking it a lot more after CL and I'm mainly known as Zatsu (no, not Zee, no princess).

  10. #643182013-10-06 18:57:35Shorono said:

    I was going to call my TBC Blood Elf Sha'reno or something like that, i don't still have the char. Which became whatever his name was without the ' because blizz didn't let you use it in character names(even though almost all npc blood elves had ' in their names >:( ). And then i used that on several other games. A fried of me got me playing habbo hotel(i barely played it and never payed anything, i promise D:) And for whatever reason i needed a second account, so i just changed all the vocals to o and just went with it ever since. I was pretty young at the time and as a result i am probably Shorono on as good as every game/website/chat/whatever.

  11. #646472013-10-16 02:33:18NidTheBard said:

    It comes from the first D&D character I ever created. He is a Halfling Bard named Nid Leabottom that aspires to be a great story writer. Also, there wasn't anything else I could think of when making my account.

    Where I got his name from: I used a Halfling name generator until I came up with a first name I liked and thought fit him well, and last name I also liked.

  12. #646482013-10-16 02:43:19Aerosin said:

    I was making a new character on WOTLK few years ago and randomed it and got the name Aerosin, I liked it, been using it ever since.

  13. #646552013-10-16 10:16:56DoReMiKaDo said:

    "Domikado" is the first part of a song of a children's clapping game where when the song ends, the person whose hand got clapped last is eliminated. If you happen to dodge the clap, the person who tried to clap you is eliminated instead.

    Here's a video of the game:

    In that video, they only counted till four but we usually go up to ten and count in English.

    As shown in the video, this game could get really HUGE. I think once I had a game where 40 people participated to determine some sort of a "Domikado" champion in our class during an absurdly long recess. What's more fun of course, is when you intentionally try to hurt people with the last clap >:D

    Anyway, I added "Re" because I always thought as a child that this song is illogical and I liked to add "Re" in between "Do" and "Mi" during the sing-alongs to fit with the Do-re-mi scale. Then it just stuck with me and I happened to remember it when I made this account, so I used it.