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What does your username mean?

  1. #647292013-10-19 15:30:22AnimeShifter said:

    I wish I could change mine but o well.

    Mine doesn't come from anywhere. It's just a thing; I watch anime, I change my favourite one. Boom you have an AnimeShifter.

  2. #651312013-10-30 10:27:31TeaKettIe said:

    My name was originated by the way I laugh. If my friends made me laugh hard enough, I would sound like a steaming teakettle. So when I was chatting with my friends over Skype, they decided to give me the nickname, Teakettle! It was short and simple, and stuck with it sence.

  3. #663682013-11-20 13:00:14Rinneko said:

    Rinneko. Rinne can mean reincarnation, which is synonymous to the meaning of my actual name. -ko means child but is also a common suffix for girls' names (which you may already know and have guessed).

    Ah, and I was also interested in Kyoukai no Rin-Ne at that time.

  4. #676472013-12-24 14:17:43Rinneko said:

    There probably are people who read my name as Rin-Neko, and take it to mean Rin-Cat. That works as well. /shrugs

  5. #663862013-11-20 21:43:25lightning said:

    It's pretty obvious where my name is from - Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII. I chose it because I think she's a total badass, and because I lack originality.

  6. #673232013-12-15 17:45:50Gurosan said:

    Guro- artwork of mutilated bodies,parts,etc-. i don't really enjoy it on high levels, but i feel attracted to small wounds because i am mentally damaged person myself and my wounds are part of who i am so the minor attraction to them.

    san-is just as in anime,honor title when you address older people, that means i like to be taken as some one who has some wisdom that comes with age and/or just person with higher intellect [just not the academical one,more like life exp and meaning of things] and pretty much a person you can have an actual talk with.

  7. #700362014-02-14 04:58:22 *Lieutenant said:

    My username eh, a lot of people would have assume it as just a plain Lieutenant but the very fact that the 'title' didn't belong to me in the first place, the only thing I can relate to it is the "Li" in front which is already my real name. The Lieutenant once belong to my friend which is deceased, so it's like a tribute.

  8. #701632014-02-17 15:09:52RedQueen said:

    I used Red 'cause I love that color and because it reminds me about the Queen of hearts (also know as Red queen) in Alice madness. ^^ Pretty easy to remember;)

  9. #701662014-02-17 15:41:04 *123-456-7890 said:

    123-456-7890... Well when I was registering for this site, it didn't accept any of the user names I typed in and so I got pissed (I was probs retardo that time). I decided to go with a troll name, similar to how most phone numbers in the US are organized, so it would be xxx-xxx-xxxx. And yup, I didn't know that I could have named myself something else until I saw everyone else's names. Oh well! People call me numbers now btw.

  10. #702022014-02-18 01:54:34genericmav said:

    genericmav because.. i'm GM :v (what kind of reason is this w)

    i goes around with name GM, genericmav is like the full name for me

  11. #705672014-02-25 05:46:37llunbuRe said:

    llun= null spelt backward which means: no value, lacking etc. bure= roughly translates into japanese as shaky, twisted, warped. the captialized R is just a style.

  12. #721052014-03-27 21:47:13 *Rebel said:

    the reasons why came up with Rebel is because I never fitted in school and didn't have much friends, mainly cause I move a lot. And I was always rebellious towards teachers, family, friends and religion. I used to call myself loneWolf, but that's just too cliché and saying that I'm lonely which I aint. Soooo rebel was a last option well that or Ryujii (toradora~).... meh...