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What does your username mean?

  1. #721222014-03-28 08:19:31Dark-B said:
    So, to tell you what my username means, I will have to first tell you about the chain of names that lead to it. But before I talk about it, I'll first just make a simple chain from the first username all leading up to the current.

    aapower > aablackpower > Blackpower9 > Darkblade911 > Darkblade91 > Thedarkblade91 Kurai Bureido > Kurai > Mr.Dark-B > Dark-B

    Basically, this is like the chart where all things started taking place and by time, it also started to change. First, yeah I know a lot of those are lame, hell, I may be forgetting one name or two that were old, but cut me some slack It's been like 6 years since then...

    Anyway, time for some thorough explanation and narration starting with...

    aapower: This is it. It's like the mother or father of them all. I know you might be thinking, "what the hell is the meaning" and "How is it related to your current nickname?" and "why is it so lame?" and those are fairly good questions that I would like to answer. And first of all, the meaning behind this one is quite simple really; I was still in elementary school, and during that time we all used to use the internet a lot in some stupid sites, and since I didn't really know what username to take, I just decided to have the two parts of my name and add "power" to it, thinking that would be a cool one... It wasn't. But it took me an entire year to actually understand that but I guess I didn't understand it right because I just continued with the same name only now it became...

    aablackpower: Yes, I have a feeling the fact it's longer makes it more horrible, but thankfully I don't think I used it any place important, so like, I only lived with it for a couple of months until I found a much easier nick name,

    blackpower9: Seriously though, this one right here gave me the most trouble out of all the nicknames I ever had. It even made people jump on me in games because they thought it was racist. Oh, I guess I didn't really tell you what that "black" was for as well, so you might have thought about that as well. Simply, it's nothing having to do with ethnicity, I used black as in the color black, but that didn't stop them like, at all. So I just to find a different one by then, and maybe try different number. Oh and btw, if you're wondering about the "9", It's actually because as a little kid I used to watch Captain Tsubasa a lot, and I used to love that Hyuga Kojiro guy and he had a number 9 jersey. Anyway, moving on:

    Darkblade911: This one right here has only been used for a short period of time before I realized the 911 was pretty stupid, and it didn't really have to do anything with the US emergency line. So, after getting into 1-2 sites with it, I decided to ditch it.

    Darkblade91: Now, I wanted to explain about this one right here because the one above doesn't deserve it. This nickname right here is pretty much the best one I actually had in a lot of times, but it was pretty generic and stuff, so after a couple of years of still doing it I decided to do something better, but that totally blew up in my face once I just added "The" so I completely ditched it and just kept on using it as Darkblade91.

    The meaning behind is also pretty simple as well, Dark instead of black so no more playing the racist card, and blade because at that time I used to watch a lot of action anime and movies that involved swords, so I figured Blade is good enough. 91, well, 9 is still the same, so I tought I'll just put a number 1 in there and after that moment, I think 91 was probably my favorite number, seriously.

    Thedarkblade91: Yeah, explained it above but I think I'll say it again.. Adding "The" didn't make it any cooler or better, in fact it only made it worse so i completely stopped using that name after just 1-2 weeks.

    Kurai Bureido and Kurai: Oh, this one is pretty easy guys, this is just the Japanese for Darkblade, but I don't think I used that much. I mean, I've been using the same nickname for like 3 years, plus I didn't like the name much with Bureido, so I just used Kurai, but only in games and stuff, understandable I must say.

    Now, to the main event, and a step closer to revealing the truth!

    Mr.Dark-B: Seriously, who just read the name and didn't think it was stupid? I know after just 2 months I did, and that took me kind of a while, probably in denial. I admit it, Dark-B alone may have been fine really, I still think Dark-B is a cool name, but adding Mr. to it just feels too much... idk what to even say really. Moving on, the meaning behind this one is pretty simple, and it's just Darkblade, being used now as Dark-B. Nothing fancy or anything, though it did leave doors for interpretations about what the B stands for, most of that was homo stuff though.

    So yeah, we have finally reached the end of the history lesson behind what Dark-B stands for, I hope you actually read all of this talk, or at least skimmed through it, and I hope I made it as short as possible, as I honestly made it a bit shorter by leaving out unnecessary details and stuff.
  2. #721302014-03-28 12:16:23JacquelineGraye said:

    Jacqueline is one of my nicknames from grade school and Gray is actually my favorite color, so I tried to make it special by adding the e. I've used this username since grade school. Nothing special but I like it none the less.

  3. #721572014-03-28 23:12:47Teil said:

    My favourite colour is teal. However, due to this being the internet, it is pretty much impossible to use a colour as a common name. All I did was change the lettering so that the sound was kept the same but the name itself looked original.

  4. #729782014-04-11 16:56:22codedigimon said:

    Codedigimon was created by my two favorite shows when i younger Code Lyoko and Digimon. Just stuck with me, I sometimes add a 15 at the end for the number that i always Ichigo kurosaki wear "15". Yep!

  5. #729892014-04-12 03:43:41gawd_daym said:

    I have a story to tell you. Its not interesting but I still tell.

    So I am aimlessly browsing through internet on my freetime when I see a wild chat room. I join the chat room and see that the people there are all going crazy. I see things that I shouldn't see. I am scarred. I am amazed. I look for another chat website/forum. I find this website. Only 2 words running through my mind. gawd dayum. gawd_daym. I forgot to put a u.

    Well thats my story. Move on with your amazing lives.

  6. #732922014-04-16 04:20:27 *Yugure said:

    It was describes as "natural hunters, shadow-dwellers, preferring to be alone, nocturnal, stoic and taciturn" and it described me in real life (except natural hunters), and it's a name that came from the Japanese word, meaning "Twilight"

  7. #746032014-05-02 01:06:26 *Deftones said:

    @Maryam Deft - Neatly skilful and quick in one's movements. Ones - A single person or thing.

    Def - Excellent. Tones - A musical or vocal sound with reference to its pitch, quality, and strength.

    Pick one.

  8. #754392014-05-12 06:26:46CherryIceBox said:

    Cherry-I was eating a cherry flavoured Lilly Ice Box- the name of the song I was listening to at the time. (By Golden Bomber) Yup. I'm very creative with usernames. (-ω-)"

  9. #754462014-05-12 12:09:29rakkyo said:

    Ye it something to eat but I chose that name bc it's another name the anime kara no kyoukai was given. idk why but I just like the sound of the word

  10. #757582014-05-15 09:45:06Savage said:

    Savage is one of a couple handles I've used over the years. Suffice to say, I have certain aspects of my personality that more closely remember a beast than "the modern human," of the preachy variety.

    Also, let's be real, it sounds great.