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What does your username mean?

  1. #759812014-05-17 18:08:54Zyxx23 said:

    Zyxx is just an alteration of my nickname "Zeke". Then the number 23 came from a movie I watched. The title was "Number 23" starring Jim Carrey. That movie was about a man who got obsessed with the number 23 which greatly affected his sanity. I don't know why, but the number 23 just clicked and I liked it cause of that movie.

  2. #759842014-05-17 18:33:31Veyopk said:

    I made mind randomly to what suits me most in occasions, I guess... xD But mostly, it is from things I like mix with random words or something.

  3. #760112014-05-17 22:02:42Kairna-kun said:

    IDK either but I've been using "Kairna" since I was in the 6th grade. I first used this handler when I was playing Ragnarok Online. I forgot how I came up with this handler too.

  4. #762282014-05-20 13:40:47 *dkx said:

    Death Knight,also called Dk,is One of the World oF Worldcraft Class.But it is unique from others.You can only play when you have one hero more than Lv.55,not like other classes.My name,DK,is used from that.And when I play games,my nickname is Darkness,cuz i love Dark.So when I joined two of them,it became Dk.X means Lord.Means the lord of Darkness or The Death Knight Lord.


  5. #849212014-11-30 00:38:11Zephyr said:

    My username is from

    1.) a character in the Korean Badass VRMMORPG novel called "The legendary moonlight sculptor"

    2.) an item on league of legends xD

  6. #988832016-02-08 07:25:06ID_Tuner said:


    Well, for the tuner part, I like cars that can be tuned up (or modified) though I am picky about how they are modified (EX: I hate certain body kits, and "fart can" exhaust pipes. Flowmaster only for me, please)

    As for the ID part, that can be interpreted in many ways. It's a part of my identity, it's a province I live in... It can be interpreted in multiple ways.

  7. #989132016-02-08 21:18:53Marwak said:

    I was 6 when i chose this name i took it from pokemon marowak but needed it to be 6 characters cuz all of my friends had 6 characters names in final fantasy xi so i removed the o and liked the name